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Dan Bell Triple Crown?

Because the briefs are made of multiple plys of material. Thus making his entire meet multiply since he used it for any of the events. You can go raw squat, bench and wear multiply for deads and still have a multiply total. Donnie Thompson 3k was with a raw deadlift.

Suits suck for big guys.

Briefs only means he had a pair of briefs on ( basically a strapless suit ). Usually you go briefs + suit.

Shirt he’s got another 100+ easy once he learns it better.


It’s a new type of lever or what?

Adjustable lever. Smaller increments than SBD belt I think

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People had the same issue with the SBD belt too when it first came out. It’s a good concept, but if it means your belt popping open on a heavy squat I would rather use a screwdriver.

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At risk of derailing the thread once u get a pioneer cut belt it’s all g. Is there a reason to get a lever over it

Belt flicks look cooler than fat manning your way out of a prong belt.

I love that Pioneer made something to compete with the SBD belt. Lets hope it isnt the same price. My only issue is I wish they had a few more notches but that would still work great for me.


EDIT never mind I see the towel press was from 2009 and that total is from 2019.

I already have a lever belt and I can’t complain at all. No prong belt can be as easy to put on or take off.

Looks like the only new thing is the lever, same choice of Pioneer belts to go with it. It shouldn’t be drastically more expensive than a normal lever.

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Lol they should make like a solid foot of notches just like the range of a prong belt

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Lever is fantastic for raw lifters who don’t change size between warmups lol.

I love my lever but it’s useless in gear. You’d need one for warmups, one for briefs, one for full gear, one for deads.

this is my issue, my waist shrinks about at least an inch from when I first put it on to when I get to its final form not including if I wear it looser for the lighter sets.

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Dan reminds me of Garry Frank, just huge and super strong at every lift.