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Dan Bell Triple Crown?

It looks to me Dan Bell is acclimating himself to gear that lifts. His next meet is Pioneer Fit which has a Single Ply division.

His best Raw lifts:
455 Raw Squat
482.5 Wrapped Squat
262.5 Bench
410 Deadlift

1127.5kg Total Raw
1142.5kg Wrapped Total

Blaine Sumner has the all time Singly Ply record at 1296kg.

He needs to add 153.5kg to his total.

I have to assume gear is good for that judging by Single Ply Deadlift numbers.

Is he actually competing in gear though? I saw him post a squat single in briefs, but that was one time and I have never seen him in a suit or bench shirt.

I wouldn’t really compare him to Blaine. Unlimited drugs and monolifts change the situation.

The way Blaine is a technician with his walk out I dont think he loses much if any. Not being drug tested though big help. Dan on the other hand walking out in briefs looked not great.

He was in a shirt for a 675ish Bench. Have not seen him in a deadlift suit. He had a few squats in Briefs.

I just saw the time frame and I dont think he will be ready for a Single Ply meet as it is supposed to be July 11th. His bench looked shaky at best.

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Would be cool to be the ATWR heaviest total across them all.

He has a solid 40-50kg on Sumner on deadlift. Bit off on squat/bench but that’s where the equipment really shines. Given time he could make up room on the squat raw lel. It’ll come down to the bench I think. How well he can use the suit and how fast he can develop it.

There’s a couple of guys capable of breaking the WR total with wraps so might be a double crown if takes too long.

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Raw vs Single

I did some maths. These Totals dont duplicate lifters. So Blaine who has several 1200 totals shows only once. I think thats better for the data.

So it would at first glance look like Gear adds ~47kg to Squat, 91kg to Bench and takes away 13kg for Deads.

I think it probably adds a bunch more though. I prefer using their Deads as an evaluation of their actual strength. The suit gives the least. Using that Dan Bells Raw Dead is actually tied for 6th all time on Equipped Deads*.

*2 of those Deads were in a Dead only meet and the 3rd was done by the late great KK and his Squat and Bench were both token 100kg.

Blaine was totaling ~1000kg Raw the same time he was totaling 1200kg in Single Ply.

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Yea this. In all his geared lifts he just looked uneasy and shaky.

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Sumner is the worlds best technician in single ply to get that much outa gear. Bell has all the gains in the world to make just from getting more proficient if he wants to commit

Did you see his last big squat at the Arnold? He almost lost it on the walkout, and ended u hurting his back.

Also, squat bars apparently make a big difference with those sort of weights. You can see some of Blaine’s squats where the bar is wiggling around through the whole lift, that alone will make it much harder.

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Hmm are there many solid walkouts at these weights like 450kg / 1000 lb + ? Maybe Ray Williams though it’s not perfectly stable lol

You need to have a solid walkout to even think of squatting 1000lbs without a monolift. It can be done, but it adds a significant challenge on top of squatting the weight. The knee wraps and squat suit will could make it worse too, I know I was having issues walking out in wraps because you can’t bend your knees like normal.

He’s benched in a shirt a few times. Not sure if he’ll do single ply at his next meet but I’m willing to bet he’ll eventually do one.


This seems so weird to me. Obv I am not moving close to those weights or am close to their size but bigger bars for Low Bar just feel terrible. The bar whip being gone would probably make up for that though.

Normal squat bars are only a few mm’s bigger than a power bar, it’s not a huge difference in that regard. I hear the one they used at Big Dogs was huge and awkward to grip though.

The main difference is less whip with bigger weights and it’s longer too so guy with shoulder mobility issues can grip it easier.

35mm Goliath Squat Bar. Going from a standard stiff bar to one of them feels like squatting with an axle lol. If a 30-32mm bar feels off then u won’t enjoy the Goliath

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It does but i could probably get used to those sizes. My Traps overpower my rear delts so I dont have a lot to work with back there.