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Cycle: Test/Mast/Deca


I'm thinking of running something like a replacement dose of Test with a high dose of Deca and some Mast.

I've never suffered from "Deca-Dick" and I don't want to. I really like about 250mg per wk of Mast, just to feel... studly. And I'm thinking it may offset potential issues with a low T/high Deca cycle.

I have a little Caber onhand and lots of Bromo (thoughts on Bromo compared to Caber?) to combat prolactin sides. Of course I always have shitloads of Adex and some Letro.

The cycle would look something like this:

Test Cyp 250/wk
Mast 250/wk
Deca 600/wk
frontload the Deca a smidge combined with 100mg NPP ED during wk 1.

Nothing sophisticated. I just stay on like that until I gain 15 lbs.

I have some Anadrol... if I can stop drinking, I may throw that in for a week or two.



Dont drink with the drol, its great stuff but it nearly killed my liver. Id be suprised if you didnt put on 15lbs just of water with it too, what dose are you thinking of running?


If I run the Anadrol, probably just 50mg per day for a couple of weeks. Maybe 75. I have 50mg tabs.