Cycle help or advice deca vs anavar

I would like your opinion on which compound would be more beneficial. First off these are the dosages I have access to. I can’t increase the dosages, I can’t replace a drug, it has to be these drugs at these dosages.

Goals gain muscle mass, lose some body fat (I’m not looking for a 6 pack but just a bit leaner) I understand I’ll have some water retention but that should go away when I got back to my TRT dose.

I will be running
Testosterone at 300mg a week for 12 weeks

Now I need advice between these 2 choices

Nandrolone (deca) at 200mg a week for 10 weeks
Oxandrolone (anavar) at 50mg a day for 60 days

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This is not ideal. Test for 12 weeks is fine but deca for 10 is not great.
Run the test for 12 weeks.
Drop the deca dose (160mg/wk)and run it for 12 weeks.
Use the anavar for the first 30 days and the last 30 day of the cycle or the first 30days at 100mg/day while waiting for the other drugs to saturate.


Why the limitations? Is it time constraint or you can’t get your hands on anymore anabolics?

Do what @s.gentz said.

I’m guessing he’s getting these scripted from Defy or somewhere else. They are all scriptable but they limit your doses and durations.

Both Var and Nandrolone can be libido killers. Size plus fat loss… nah. Just stick with size for now. Test plus Nandrolone are far superior. As @s.gentz stated, if you could run the Nandrolone a few weeks longer it would be ideal, but 10 weeks wills till work.

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It’s a prescription. I’m not doing underground stuff. I could run deca longer and get a refill after 10 weeks. That’s the only thing I could run longer. The anavar I can only get a 60 day supply and then I have to wait a while before I can get a refill. Like 6 months or something

It’s one drug or the other. They don’t prescribe both at the same time.

Oh really? I knew deca can cause libido issues. Deca dick. But I haven’t heard that with anavar. What causes anavar to lower libido?
I also want to say I have issues with ED. Cialis has worked well. So the only down side to deca (for me) is the deca dick. I’ve done Tren in the past and felt amazing. So I’m not to worried about the brain chemistry part of the 19 nor

Then run the deca for 12 weeks with the test. Just lower the deca dose or wait until you can get more an do it right.

How much Deca can you get per year?
And I suppose the testosterone is on going?

Either the Deca or Anavar would act like a “blast”?

I can get more deca every 10 weeks. So I could run it longer. I rather run it longer than a higher dose. Deca dick scares the shit out of me

This is what everyone wants lol. Lose fat gain muscle.

You’ve got the ole TRT Clinic “it’s just TRT+ Bro” protocol options there lol.

If it were me, I’d choose Var cos Deca hates me. But for gainz, Deca wins. Losing fat is about your diet, so pick whichever steroid you think will net you the most muscle with the least sides.

Yep its the standard clinic “it’s just TRT+ bro” starter pack

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So given a cycle of 10 weeks on followed by 10 weeks off, how much deca do you have to work with? To make things less confusing, give me total milligrams of deca that you can acquire in 20 weeks.

Anavar will really lower your SHBG, as in to the single digits, which causes low libido and ED in many.

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I can get 2 200mg bottles is 20 weeks

Exactly. I’ve done the UGLs it’s hard to know what you’re actually getting and the risk of getting arrested. It’s hard to find a good place. So I’m going the prescribed route

you mean 2000mg? That would be 200mg/ml x 10ml vial?

It need not be that way

Ive just finished 10 weeks protocol of Test/Mast/Deca (250mg Deca for the last 3wks) no issues at all.

Was taking 0.25mg Caber E7D alongside that too so may have helped

Can you confirm that the above is a typo?
You actually get two 2,000mg/10ml Deca in 20 weeks?

Yeah sorry
You are correct sir