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Cutting On Prohormones

Trying to do a serious cut so I can go home for the holidays and make the ex-GF jealous. I went from 245-230 over the last month, and hoping to get to 220 by around dec 28. I happen to have this 1-ad someone gave me (otherwise I’da bought Biotest stuff since this is the only place I ever spend my supp money) so I just started using it in conjunction with a very low calorie diet. My intention is to hit a two week cut with this and still keep the ability to coach wrestling, lift, bike, etc. At the moment I’m doing the label recommended dosage, 100mg 3x/day. How much should I increase this by to spare as much muscle as possible?

Damn abs. I know they’re in there somewhere! I WILL hit 205 this next year, dammit.

If you’re going to cut (I’d rather gain while on prohormones, but it’s up to you), don’t eat a very low calorie diet. I just did a MAG-10 cycle at 4-5k calories a day, and I lost some fat. You, at your current weight, can probably eat that much, and if you train really hard, you’ll still lose fat. Work your ass off (twice a day, 5 times a week if you have the time) and eat healthy, and you should lower BF.

I’ve used 1-ad to cut before. IMO it’s amazing. Normally if I cut my calories below the 2k mark I’ll drop 10-15lbs in 3 weeks (initial weight loss is a ton for me), but when I cut my calories down to 1800 with 1-ad, I didn’t lose a lb. Yet my caliper readings dropped dramatically…like the skinfold measurement on my stomach dropped from 20mm to 12mm in only 3 weeks! Plus it gives your body an incredibly hard look and feel.

Thank you both for your imput. However, I have my diet in hand. I’m looking to reduce total bodyweight, period. My preference is for it to be as much fat as possible. I am not looking to just get leaner. For the health of my body and joints, I need to be as near 200lbs as possible. So thanks for your diet suggestions, but what I need help with is the questions I asked.

Should I increase my dose of 1-ad above the 3x100mg per day I’m taking now? Given that I’m 230 lbs and looking to spare as much muscle as possible during this cut.