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Cut Out Soy Sauce?


Im currently using soy sauce twice a day 7 days a week in my chanko meals.Im aware that the Soy protien should be avoided but would using soy in the way I am be couter productive to weight training as well?

I.E Should I switch to mayo :wink:


Your fine


Soy sauce is not soy protein. It's a condiment, a flavor-enhancer. Consider it an alternate form of salt.


Great thanks! :slight_smile:


But read the label. Soy has a HUGE amount of sodium in it. You many want to limit your soy sauce intake, but only to reduce your daily sodium intake.

I think I read that a serving of regular soy is 33% of the daily reccomended allowance....and "lite" has 30% less sodium.


Thanks for the tip.I didnt realise how high in salt it was.


The daily recommended allowance for protein is also around 60 grams, not my go to for sound nutritional guidance. Unless you have reason to be concerned with sodium intake, high blood pressure for example, you likely don't need to worry about it.




I believe the medical profession finally decided a while back that not every one is sensitive to sodium when it comes to blood pressure. You have to determine whether or not you're sodium sensitive.

On the other hand, sodium does tend to make you retain water, does it not?

Also, some diet gurus advise against eating certain fermented foods, including soy sauce (and beer, dammit.)

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that soy sauce is a western concoction. I believe tamari is actually used in the Far East. Same taste, but less salty and not as strong.

That's my contribution to soy sauce trivia.


Did you not read the part where I said to consider soy sauce an alternate form of salt? :slightly_smiling:

Seriously. That's how it's intended to be cooked with. There are several different salts and table salt is just one of them. Soy sauce is just a salt with a unique flavor, just like Ume, Tamari, etc.


No. Its the opposite.


one more thing. soy protein and products like tofu are bad because they have isoflavones. soy sauce doesn't so it isn't bad.