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CT's Newsletter/Negatives?

In CT’s latest newsletter he talked about the use of negatives as a superior means for gaining size and strength. I’ve done negatives in the past while following some of Ian King’s programs and agree that they are effective. I’m currently in the 6th week of a 5x5 program following the TDAWG 2 diet. My question is this, can I incorporate negatives into a 5x5 program? Stats: 45 years young, 5’9" 180 lbs, 13%bf, 2 1/2 years serious lifting. Current 5x5 split:

Day 1
Dumbell flat bench 95lbs
Dips 75 lbs
Pullups body weight
Dumbell rows 80 lbs

Day 2
Back Squat 275 lbs
Split Squat holding 60lb dumbells
Ian King’s Ski Squat one leg body weight

Day 3
Push Press 155 lbs
Side raises 25 lbs
One arm preacher curls 35lb
Nose breakers 100 lbs

Day 4
Deadlifts 275 lbs
Good Mornings 155 lbs
Glute Ham Raise body weight

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

I would say that it could probably be alright if you made your 6th set a single heavy negative (120 percent of your 1RM) but I wouldnt do this if dieting.

Negatives are VERY hard on the CNS and it’s very easy to overtrain, especially when dieting. Also remember you’re not 18 anymore!! At 45 (same age as me) you don’t have the same recouperation as younger folks have unless, of course, you’re on a cycle right now. If I was going to incorporate negatives I would do one workout per month with only a warmup and a few negatives per musclegroup and train “normal” for the other three weeks.
But that’s me, try and see how it works for you.

You both confirmed what I was already thinking. I’ll either add them on a limmited basis (once or twice a month) or wait until I’ve leaned out on my current diet.

Thanks for the input.

I would not use supra-max eccentrics with someone of your strength. The injury risk is too high. Progress through the pyramid starting with super slow eccentrics and then maximal eccentrics.

nArKeD, wasn’t suggesting I start with any specific type of eccentric, just if and how to incorporate them into my current routine. Did you determine my strength and ability to handle maximal eccentrics from my current weight used on lifts? If so, what weights would I need to be lifting to demonstrate appropriate strength for maximal eccentrics? Also, when finished with current diet and reach 8-10% bf, how would you advise I work them into a program?

dkurk,I agree with T-Matt and Moose. If you really want to use negatives, perform them during a bulking phase.
If you use an 8 week cycle with progressively heavier weights,you may use negatives during the last 4 weeks
only once a week for the last working set of each exercise.
Good Luck !
Luca (I’m 45 as well)