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Creatine and The Warrior Diet

Is there any reason not to take creatine while on the warrior diet?? I can’t really think of any. Also, for you guys on the diet, are you sticking to Tim’s protocol or the original? Have you made any personal modifications? Thanks, keep 'er huge!

I have been following the Warrior Diet for over a year now and love it. There is no problem taking creatine and I have been using it off and on for some time on the warrior diet. The only modification that I have made is, I fast for 7-8 hours(No shakes, snacks etc) and break my fast with a small protein meal about two hours before working out. I work long hours on the dotcom world and I found that trying to workout on an empty stomach after fasting for 10-12 hours was counterproductive. After I workout, I have a protein shake with simple sugars to spike insulin. Then I have a large salad and my main meal of the day. This modification has worked very well for me and I am able to put on size, strength and stay lean as well.