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craving for some thing sweet!!:(

id like uor opinion about how
to solve the problem of craving for some thing sweet after ameal?i can realy feel that mt body is damending from me to give him sweets after ameal?any adive any one?{bty-it goes both to p+c and f+P meals}

Hot drinks such as tea/coffee or green tea sweetened with a bit of splenda always do it for me

you could even try sugar free jello

but my favourite quote from TMAG comes into play
“Suck it up, Candyass!!” haha sorry couldn’t resist

Can’t tell what’s causing it without taking a look at your diet, although some might surmise that you might be eliciting the response through fluctuations in blood sugar. Could also be that–like so many others–you’ve been trained to expect some type of “dessert” after a meal.

Either way, all I can tell you is a couple of tricks you can use to get it to pass: 1) Lots of Crystal Light 2)Any hot liquid, like unsweetened tea 3) Brush your teeth! 4) Sugar-free gum.

I have a terrible sweet tooth and really crave something sweet after lunch. As soon as possible after I eat I pop a piece of Extra Polar Ice gum in. It freshens my mouth and eliminates the craving.

i chew sugar free gum,and eat sugar free jello

Sugar free jello + sugar free whipped cream.

bosco what could cause sweet cravings in a diet or lack of such?

You might want to see if something is causing your cravings

maybe you ate something you shouldnt have? “hidden” carbs can cause this in some people, glycerine in protien bars, sugar alcohols like sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, maltitol etc.

Onto the “fix”
Sugar free gum helps, dont eat the whole pack at once (these contain sugar alcohols normally, I wouldnt worry about it, but I personally wouldnt chew the whole pack at once). If you have time to cook, make a super yummy chocolate something made with splenda & unsweetend chocolate. Check low carb sites online for good recipes that suit your personal tastes.
And i’d hate to sound like a bilboard, but low carb grow is very sweet & tasty, like a milkshake. I think it could satisfy anyones sweet tooth, if u have some blend up a cup, it certainly cant hurt. You could also try adding a(few) tablespoon(s) of unsweetend (good quality) cocoa & afew packects of splenda with milk or your protien powder to make your own concoction. Maybe some sugar free pudding(beware, the brand of SF pudding i have has 7carbs per serving, add milk carbs needed to cook it also it can add up if you’re watching the carbs) or Sugar free jello w/ homeade whipped cream. yummy

my bad english agin…
what is splenda??
and is it ok to eat the jello say twice aday?
by the way-could the reason for the craving might be that i dont eat almost
no carbs{im cutinng to 5% bodyfat right now…}?

splenda is a brand of sugar substitute that is a reverse sugar molecule (your body is unable to digest it) but it tastes alot like sugar. If you can find it its in a yellow box, blue text. It also doesnt cause adverse side effects like aspartame (spellcheck) can.

If your carbs are extremely low(IE like atkins induction low of 20grams you will crave sweet things for the first two weeks)



go get some of those popsicle cutout things that look like big ice cube trays…fill em with crystal light and freeze 'em…


I second Bosco’s recomendation for crystal light. A tall glass of that after a meal allways does the trick for me. Good luck!

Is it just me or do fake sugars just make you hungrier?


It depends on the fake sugar, some people have problems with aspartame which can include platues (spellceck) and weight gain. Sugar alcohols can also cause insulin spikes in some people & not in others. Resulting in weight gain & cravings.

Reason why i try to use splenda is because it seems it doesnt have these same reactions & it tastes better. I’ve noticed if you’ve just started a new way of eating sometimes sweet stuff even if it doesnt contain sugar can make you crave more sweets.


thank you all!
just one more thing…what is crystal lights?{im from israel so you will have
to excuse my poor information in engiish words…)

It’s a powdered drink mix that is basically Kool-aid sweetened with aspartame. I guess you could buy unsweetened Kool-aid powder and add splenda instead if you don’t like aspartame.


cookies…lots and lots of cookies.

sugar free gums and Diet Coke