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I have been getting severe cramps after my work outs lately.

Primarily it has been with my upper
body muscle groups but it occured after my last leg work out. However it was not as extreme as the cramping in my upper body.

I also warm up ( ride bike ) and stretch the muscle groups being worked

A trainer told me to try 1/4 teaspoon
salt in my post and pre-workout shakes.

This did not help at all.

I have a low sodium diet, maybe to low?

Any suggestions would be appreciated…

Thanx in advance!

You might have already thought of this, but how much water do you consume daily? Do you supp with vitamin C?

I supplement with vitamin C, but my water probably has been on the low side.

I will take the H2O up a notch and see what happens.


Water works wonders! That is probably your problem. Good Luck.

Upping your water and not inreasing your sodium is just asking for it. The water will deplete your body’s sodium and you’ll get headaches, light-headed, cramps, bloating, even the squirts. Just pay attention to how your body’s feeling – if you start feeling those symptoms, grab some salted peanuts or a candy bar with some sodium…your body will react pretty quickly to the sodium and normal itself back out in no time.

Yup water and sodium as stated above, as well as potassium is great for cramping and usually the cure to the problem.