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Countrygirl Training Log #1


I’ve been inspired to start my first training log as I push toward my goal of getting more muscle tone. I hope this log will not only benefit me as I track my progress but also to learn all I can from anyone willing to post. I’ll always welcome advice from those genuinely wanting to help. I apologize in advance if my log starts off rocky as I’m obviously new and learning an overload of information.

A little about me:
5’9 and 158lbs
Recently lost 8lbs
I have a successful career but it’s not really physical.
I meet with my trainer twice a week to lift. On the days I’m not with him I’m doing cardio and core workouts. At home we have a heavy bag and a weight bench. I use the weights freely but never bench on my own since I shake a lot.

Honestly, I’m not sure what is useful to know about me and what doesn’t matter. Please feel free to let me know if I’m missing anything potentially important :wink: Thank you!


Welcome! It’s always good to have another person logging their training.

So what does your trainer have you do for a routine?

Do you have any goals?


Thank you very much for the welcome! Last night my trainer had me do a mix of things. I’m not sure the technical terminology but will do my best to describe what went on. This is not in order but next time I’ll try to do better with my log. I am wanting to keep a handwritten journal.

*Resistant bands thigh level, squatting, stretching a leg out to the side and slowly following with the other. I went up and down the hallway for three sets of twelve.
*Top of dumbbell in both hands squatting three sets of twelve.
*Laying on ground with heel on top of bench leg at 90 and other leg straight in air pushing hips up until back is straight for three sets of fifteen.
*dumbbell presses sitting straight for three sets of fifteen.
*Holding a dumbbell in each hand stepping up on a step forwards and sideways five times each leg each direction for three sets (not sure that was a good description lol)
*The dirty thirty… Dumbbells in each hand lifting close directly to the front, spaced out front, out to the sides.
*Still with Dumbbells in each hand do lifts on toes in three directions.
*Sitting on bench with Dumbbells doing back flexors.

I think that’s it!!! Hope the descriptions were not too awful.


Goal: I have a business trip in September that is a big deal and I’m nervous. I don’t do well with leaving my comfort zone especially on my own. I thought if I felt good about the way I look then I will be more comfortable and confident. I want more muscle tone and mostly to feel better mentally and physically.


I like to count loading square bales of hay part of my workout. They are between 50 and 60lbs each and I can throw them pretty far on straight ground (if we are stacking I struggle to get them high enough). Anyways, I like when people come to buy some and look at me like I’m not going to be much help. The surprised look is very rewarding!!


listen… i know we all want to look good… me more than most… but dont let the way look come into play into how capable you are of achieving your proffesional goals… or anything else for that matter. your ability as an individual is not impeded by your physical appearance.


I know I have the ability to be successful without looking a certain way. Where I was going with that post is if I feel confident and happy in my own skin then it will show in my work. I think anyone who lifts and gets results feels more confident and positive. I want to be well rounded in my success not just with work but on a personal level. There are more deeper reasons why I need this but I’m not going to have a pity party for my past. I feel like if I look stronger I’ll be safer when I leave the comfort zone. I respect what your saying and thank you for your thoughts.


yeah i here you… theres definitely a crossover between exercise and how you feel in your job no doubt. good luck.


just remember despite how you look… anything you want is yours.


That’s very nice of you to say :blush: I like to read your thoughts on my post. I have always been fascinated with how people view different things.


people are fucking crazy… thats all i have to say on that matter :blush:


Just saying hello and wishing you well with your lifting!!

Nice to see other women here!! Beginner logs are great fun. There’s nowhere to go but UP, and we all love to see newbie gains. Keep at this and you’ll be WAY stronger in 6 months or a year.


Thank you!! It means a lot that you took the time to post. I have been learning a lot from reading your log and hope to be where you are someday. If you have any advice for me while I’m doing this, please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate what you have to say.


Im going to be interested in watching your progress.


It’s a motivating push to know your watching my log! I appreciate it bulldog.


Well shucks little lady I appreciate that :blush:


I was going to suggest starting a log. Good call.


Thank you MarkKO :grinning: I think it’s an excellent idea if I can learn the terminology better and don’t have to be so descriptive. I’m not completely sure what or how much to post but I’m learning from others. I do like the before picture and the as I start changing more.


How and what you post is entirely up to you. Check out a few other logs, you’ll see there’s a big variety.


For your first terminology lesson, then, this sounds like what we round here call a “goblet squat”