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Correct My Dosage Math

It was suggested to switch to EOD injections instead of 2x a week for the last 4 weeks of my cycle.

My coach upped me to 600 of test but I’m having a hard time figuring out EOD disease on a 3ml syringe

Concentration is 250 test so would it be .3 on the syringe?

600mg weekly EOD is ~ 171mg each shot

Yep I got that part. (And thank you for confirmation)

I’m just having trouble (basically overthinking it) converting it to what it would be on my syringe

171mg / 250mg = .68mL on your syringe

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It might be easier if you get 1mL syringes

Awesome thank you. I kept getting .6

Totally agree. My coach just suggested it today and I just have the big syringe until I can get some smaller ones

Yeah those big syringes are harder to use when you start breaking the doses up

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Especially such small doses

Just run it at 0.7ml. If they are the same as mine you leave a tad in the end anyway.

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Yep that’s what I was planning. Much easier. Thanks!

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