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Cool Stuff on DVD?

Anyone got any recomendations for DVD releases? I’ve recently purchased seasons 6 and 7 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Great show. Although Hitch had little to do with it. It was from the golden age of television and featured the best talent of the time in terms of writers and actors. I think it was superior to The Twilight Zone.

Just a word of warning though: season 6 is only available on DVD-R in the US and season 7 is not available in the US at all. The only country selling a proper DVD release of seasons 6 and 7 is Australia as far as I can tell. After season 7 the show changed its name and became an hour-long program for another three seasons. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour is unavailable in US region 1 unfortunately. Although it has had an official release in Australia.

For anyone not familiar with this show I can strongly recommend it. There are plenty of episodes on youtube so take a look.

Anyone else found anything good on DVD lately?