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Cookie Dough Bars!?


Along with 12.50 Classic Grow! is a new COOKIE DOUGH BAR!!!
I can't believe it hasn't been posted yet!!!!
Check the store


Yea, someone else posted that (or maybe it was you) but all I saw earlier in the store was the Rocky Road.

Now that I checked again (after my purchase today of course) I do see the Cookie Dough bars.

Sounds interesting.
I'll probably try them when I order again.


oh no overload!!! Creatine, TRIBEX, Bars oh my!!!


Good heads up. I guess ill give them a try when Flameout comes back in stock.


Is there going to be a heads-up when the rocky road bars are on the way out of rotation?? I'm waiting for Flameout to get back in stock before I place another order and would hate to miss the RR bars.


I see cookie dough bars but no $12.50 Grow!....

I get paid monday and was hoping to order some Surge and will give these bars a shot when they get more Surge. Rocky road anything just doesnt float my boat


Wow. Keeps getting better and better.


sonofabitch, if there was 12.50 classic grow i'll be pissed because i just put in the order for the new bars!

man i'm pumped about some cookie dough. next up: beef jerky flavored bars.


I just tried the rocky road, was dissapointed. Better than the peanut butter, but not as good as the choc bars. Are you guys going to sell those? They have become my daily sweet craving.



I love the chocolate ones!

I think the peanut butter suck, and I'm desperately trying to force myself to eat the remaining dozen I have left.

I'm interested in trying the rocky road and cookie dough, but I hope to hear if they taste good prior to buying...as I thought the peanut butter ones were going to be good, now I can hardly eat them.


Funny, I was the opposite way.


I have the exact same opinion, except I can still shovel down the peanut butter ones, regardless of the fact that they're the "worst" of the bunch.

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend the rocky road bars. They are by far the best ones I've tasted. Consistency is much more like that of a regular candy bar.

If they were made by another supp company I would probably never buy them again because I wouldn't believe the ingredient list...


Well, you know what they say, different strokes for different folks!

Seriously though, are you coming back out with the chocolate bars?? I'm getting worried.



I just got a box of the rocky road bars yesterday, and I must say that they are terrific! I'm a high school teacher, and I gave a piece of one of the bars to a student without telling him that it was a "protein bar", and the student honestly thought that it was a brownie. I'm very happy with the rocky road and would agree that the consistency is very similar to that of a candy bar. I'm anxiously awaiting my box of cookie dough bars via FedEx.


Oh I hate all the bars T-Nation puts out. They taste too good. I dont buy them cause I cant keep my hands off of them and I eat them all in a week or two. I am in love with the chocolate chunk but didnt like the peanut butter experience.

Darn you T-Nation.


Rocky road are good, and I would assume the Cookie Dough ones would be equally good. The ingredients list is similar, so that tells me the texture and taste will be similar. You can't go wrong.

I never got to try the chocolate chunk ones, but the peanut butter ones were ok. The rocky road are significantly better and worth every penny, and then some.

Just my $0.02...


Just got my Cookie Dough bars and they're the best ones yet IMO.


There must be a mistake in the nutrition information with these cookie dough bars.

There's no way I'm getting 20g of protein and ONLY 8g of sugar with a bar that actually tastes like REAL cookie dough!

I felt like I should worry about salmonella poisoning due to the raw eggs in the cookie dough I was eating, then I realized I was eating a protein bar.

I'm not exagerating (IMO), these really are the best bars yet. I presonally didn't care too much for the rocky road, but my wife likes them.

I realy liked and missed the chocolate chunk ones, but I like these cookie dough bars a whole lot more.



The cookie dough bars are incredible. Period.


What is the actual flavor composition of the cookie dough bars? Is the inside vanilla or chocolate? Are there chocolate chips in the bars or the cookie dough pieces? Are there cookie dough pieces? Coated in chocolate? :slight_smile: