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Confused on Diet

i am training 5-6 days a week cardio is 5 days HIIT atelast 4 days with steady state i am 177 12 percent want to drop down to 8 percent…not really a good diet prior to this i have been eating healthy but not any set amount of calories if anythin they have been pretty low…i do have a couple more threads i posted on here i am just overall confused need help

i hope someone can help me set up a solid diet to follow… i was thninking low carb with just veggies high protein around 270 grams and high fat from healthy sources but i dont know how much how everything to get and all that thanks

It sounds like you’re taking in too few calories for how much you’re doing. You can go about dieting two ways: increase your calories, since you are exercising so much, or decrease the amount of exercise you’re doing.

For someone who hasn’t had a good diet prior, I think that, once you nail down the basic concepts of eating healthy foods and doing SOMETHING for your workout nutrition, you should start employing a carb cycling plan. If, however, you decide to go the route of decreasing exercise amount, then you may want to look into low-carb diets. I personally had tremendous success using carb cycling until I saw my abs, and then using John Berardi’s “Get Shredded Diet.”

what low carb diet did you use and how much do i need to stop training/and cardio?

It looks like you may be doing too much. That much training and that much cardio will most likely lead to a loss of some LBM. Even when I was prepping for a show, I only did 2 sessions of HIIT a week, and then just let my diet SLOWLY cause me to drop about a lb a week tops. Give yourself some time and don’t be in such a rush, you’ll be much more happy with the results, trust me :slight_smile:


what do you think my calories should be set at?

Well, a basic approximation of your current weight (177) x 16 cals (assuming you have a slow metabolism) puts you at 2830 just to maintain your “12%”. I would cycle your cals based on energy demands of different days. On days you do cardio, or take off try to get around 2400, on days you train normally (weights) stay around 2600, and once a week, get 3000. Should give you a nice SLOW, LBM preserving pace.


Count calories. If you’re not, you have no accountable way to track your energy intake and expendature.

here a pic