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Competition Oil


A friend of mine is going to be competing in a bodybuilding show coming up in a little over a week. He is from Turkey, where he competed previously in BB shows, but this will be his first show in the states.

He asked me whether I knew of any posing oil that also acted to increase body temp (sort of like a combination baby oil/icy hot). He said that there used to be a product that he had previously used in Turkey that did just this, but he hadn't been able to find one here in the states.

Personally I've never competed, so I don't know all that much about posing oils and the like. But, I know that there are people who have competed here on this site (Gifted, Prisoner, Kiyoshi, Olesya, Gina, Jen, really anyone), so I thought I'd see if anyone knew about any such product as my friend is referring to.

I'd really appreciate any advice or help that anyone can offer, as would my friend.

Thanks in advance.



Hot Stuff by Pro Tan, all the bodybuilders I know prefer this stuff.


Thanks kcinnitram! I'll look it up online and give the info to my friend.

Much appreciated.

Good training,