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Coming Off Cold Turkey

Hey everyone, been a while.
So due to this Corona virus, I will now be stuck 42 days at a remote site in the arctic.
We were given either a lay off, or stay and work for that period of time… I choose money.

So heres my question, what will I expect these next 6 weeks to feel like, after being on test for a full year roughly? I do have some mk677 to help hopefully keep some of my gains but is there anything I can do to make this easier on myself?

is there any problems I will be running into other then sexual function or mood? and what are the chances my body restarts its own test production in that time?

thanks for any info, or questions to help pass time while im here. I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and I wish anyone without work the best of luck moving forward.


I imagine you’ll feel kind of lousy for a while, but if we’ve learned anything over the many years of studies it’s that the human body is remarkably resilient. Keep yourself occupied and try to ignore the downsides. You’ll probably have low energy, no libido (which, assuming you’re on a job site with mostly dudes, is likely a benefit), some mood swings or general grumpiness, and maybe some sleep issues at first. I’m guessing oil and gas work?

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yeah libido isn’t a concern, you’re right on being all dudes lol.
I work in the mining sector, was iron now gold when this is all over diamonds.

At least you won’t get the fucking virus!

I agree with @iron_yuppie, you may feel like shit for a while but you will be safe from the virus, and have money in your pocket when you return and can decide if you choose to start up again. Might do your body good to “fast” on hormones for a while.

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Yeah might be good, no one seems to know whats going on. We got word now itll only be 28 days which will be much better but thinking maybe its time to come off and let my body reset for awhile anyways.

Ill be celebrating my 27th birthday here, so might make the most of the new year and see if I can maintain what I have no with no extra help.

Are we talking TRT amount of test or cycle amount? Either way it’ll probably take 4 weeks or so for the test to clear your bloodstream assuming it was a longer ester (cyp, enth, etc). So you’ll only feel like shit towards the end of the 6 weeks, not a big deal.

Throughout the year I switched between 400 and 200 3 month intervals, just switched to 400 and took roughly 600/mg 400friday and 200 wed day (being a week ago) something weird happened to my vial in the airplane and I lost a lot of contents inside I’m assuming from pressure.

Also it’s a tri ester test