Combat Conditioning Article

Do to the popularity and discussions of Matt Furey’s “Combat Conditioning” exercises, I am thinking about contacting testosterone about righting a detailed article about the exercises with pictures of how to do Handstand pushups off of chairs, bridging, wall walking, Hindu squats (With and without the Power Jumper), Reverse Pushups etc. I have been doing these exercises for over a year and feel that I am very well versed in them. Several forum users such as Goldberg, cjack benefited from the advice that I gave on neck bridges and I think several other t-mag readers would benefir from a detailed article. Let me know is you t-men and t-vixens think this is a good idea.

I think that’s an excellent suggestion. While I got your attention, how was your recovery ability/strength affected by doing the Combat Conditioning protocol along with weights?

I kickbox and grapple as well as lift and I don’t want to add too much to my plate for fear I’ll shrivel up into a toothpick again.

Good idea Mike. I second the motion. It would be very useful and informative. And some sample routines would kick butt too! Just to get people started. And yes, the pictures would come in very handy for some of those exercises. As for recovery, I seem to be doing fine so far. Sure, there are days when I feel a little low on energy, and I just back off. But hitting the weights and doing combat conditioning daily has been good for me so far. Granted, I’ve only been doing it for three weeks. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.

Phenomenon, Okay thanks. As for your question, yes you do have a lot on your plate and you have to be careful that you do not overtrain. Here are a few options that you might want to try:

  1. Use one or two combat conditioning exercises as finishers for your weight training workouts. For example, after lifting do 50 Hindu Pushups and 100 hindu Squats. Also, I would recommend bridging daily for until you can hold a perfect bridge for three minutes. Bridging will really help your grappling skills(I do some ju-jitsu and grappling as well) and help with reversals and absorbing the shock from take downs etc.

  2. Substitute some of the more difficult “Combat conditioning” exercises such as Handstand Pushups in replace of shoulder presses etc. Most people who have never done Handstand pushups before have a real hard time with them. Once they get easier, you increase the range of motion by using chairs or stools. Let me tell, you this exercise fucking rocks! My shoulders and arms are blowing up! Also, one legged squats are very difficult and can be substituted as a leg execises.

  3. Train with weights for six weeks and then weeks before a fight switch to combat conditioning to amp up your endurance.

When I am hitting the weights hard, I use combat conditioning exercises as finishers. Right now I am more focused on the conditioning exercises. However, I am using the harder exercises right now such as hand stand pushups. Also, I got two devices from Matt Furey: The Power Pushup 2 which adds resistance to pushups and The Portable Power Jumper which ads resistance to your hindu squats. I have only been using both devices for a week and My girlfriend is freaking out telling me I am getting too big! Music to my ears :)

Mike, that is an AWESOME idea!!! I just got Matts Power Wheel and that thing really works your abs. It isnt a new device, it has been around for awhile, and it is gaining popularity again (all over the infomercials), but Matts is way better. First off its cheaper, second, it has velcro straps to put on your feet so you can do even more exercises. I definetly want to get his Power Push Ups and that Hindu squat resistance bands. Oh, about that article, DO IT!!! Matt also has a course to relieve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, do anyone of you guys know if you can take the principles to that course to help out with shoulder problems?

Mike, great idea. I would recommend contacting Matt Furey as well. Maybe get his okay for the article. You could even possibly get an interview too. Two articles for the price of one! However, you decide to do it, I’m behind ya man.

Thanks guys. If I get 10 responses saying that I should do it, I will contact Testosterone and make them an offer. I am real busy with my job, so I want to make sure that their is some significant interest before moving forward. I appreciate your support. As for contacting Matt Furey, good idea. I will defintely get his okay. Considering the fat that he is getting a lot of orders from all of the posts on this site, I am sure that he will not mind as long as I give him credit and do not try to come off like these are exercises that I created which of course I would never do. AS for shoulder problems, Matt claimed that the Power pushup 2 really helped with them. I have never really had any shoulder problems. However, I can tell you that people who bench press a lot usually end up with some shoulder problems. As a result, I rarely bench anymore and focus more on builder my shoulder and back strength.

Mike, you’ll actually be doing Chris Shugart a favor as he has been meaning to contact Matt for an interview. Maybe you could do an interview and post the photos and some sample routines. :slight_smile:

Mike, I think that is a great idea. With T-mag publishing every week they are bound to be hit there head against a wall to find material and this material would be well worth it. Since, you are busy, I would just try to contact Matt Furrey and TC and try to get TC to do an interview with him. Then Matt could write a few articles about all of the exercises. This would benefit T-mag readers looking for a new routine and a way to cure back and neck pain. It would also benefit Matt because of all of the business that would be sent his way from the T-mag readers.

you’ve got my vote mike! sounds awesome. i’m also big into bodyweight exercises/calistenics à la Navy SEAL routines– hardcore!

Yeah, sounds like a sweet idea.

Hey, this sounds great, so add my vote. I love conditioning exercises, and all of the posts lately have really piqued my interest. I’ve actually started to do some research online, so a T-style article would be great!!!

Okay thanks guys, I will contact Chris and TC and see what they think. Perhaps I can interview Furey and ad a few of my own insights for t-mag readers as well. For example, Furey believes that all supplements are a waste of time. While, I do agree that most supplements are a waste of time and that some people focus too much on what supplements to take instead of engaging in intelligent training, We all now that biotest and a few other reputable companies sell great products that make a difference.

Sweet idea