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Coach Davies I need help

Heres my situation!! I play alot of slo-pitch at a high caliber. During the off season I trained using growth surge project and also included some explosive lifts (hang cleans squat jumps etc.) This season I have been crushing the ball. Several more homreruns, more than all of last year already. BUT I play outfield and my arm has been giving me grieve. I have never had problems before, I am starting to get the typical elbow pain which radiates into my forearm and up into my bicep.I do alot of forearm and hammer curl excercises in my routines, What should I be strenghtening to prevent this injury??..Also when it does hurt it takes away from working out???Any suggestions would be great, from anyone…

Must be a few ball players on this site!!!

Well congrads on the increased power production. However, it seems that your training while successful in one aspect forgot to include more sport-specific work (throwing ie long toss). Has your injury been diagnosed yet? Fill me in and I will be pleased to help. In faith, Coach Davies

Renegade training had me crushing homeruns after just a few weeks of training. We could start a infomercial… only 1,500 one armed DB snatches and you too can be hitting homeruns. :wink:

Like Davies said, do some long toss, work up the distance slowly. Unless of course you do have a serious injury that will prevent you from throwing soft, and progressively harder.

Get your elbow looked at and find out whats going on it there. Once you know what the injury is you can come up with a plan of attack to get it right. In the meantime take care of it with R.I.C.E and if necassary some anti-inflamms.

As long as your pain stays in the flexing side of the elbow joint (side they take blood from, for a lack of a technical name) you should be fine. I dealt with this issue every year in the beginning of baseball season from my freshman year in high school on to college. Basically, you are tearing down some of the muscle fibers in your bicep. The only way to prevent this is to keep throwing during offseason lifting. Which in your case doesn’t help you now. Some people are just the type that they will always have some sort of elbow pain, just by the nature of throwing and the stress involved. As long as the pain stays generalized and doesn’t become sharp and localized to one point, I wouldn’t worry about it.

just love the name, had to say it. In faith, Coach Davies

become an EH. hehehehehehe

Thanks for the feedback, I am hoping this is a muscular soft tissue injurie, If the pain continues I will get it assessed. I am hoping its only what TSBBALL suggested. Besides practicing throwing the long ball any isolated or compound movements that I should try?? Also any concerns using tiger balm or other “heat” type products?