Clomid PCT Question / Completely Shutdown

Hey guys
I’m 37 years old and I did several cycles during my life and I never had a so aggressive shut down like now.

The problems that I am experiencing are no sex drive, ED and low libido.
My cycle was:
12 weeks
Each week Test enanthate 300mg and Deca 500 mg. Anastrozole 0.5 each 3 days during the whole cycle.
Two weeks after the last inyections I took hcg 5000ui split in two doses. 2500 ui each separated 3 day from each one.
Three weeks after the last inyection I started to take clomid at 50 mg each day plus 20 mg tamoxifen.
I am finishing now the pct (4 weeks) and my sex drive and libido are non existent. I can’t get hard.

I went to the specialist and he indicated to stop everything from now and take blood panel in one month to establish a baseline.

Since I started taking clomid and tamoxifen together, my sex drive and libido went down gradually until the point of no erection.
Did anyone experienced such effect because of clomid or tamoxifen usage?. As per my humble understanding the usage of clomid would allow my hpta to start working again.
My last theory could be deca dick, but this started to happen long ago after the last inyeccion.
Any advice would be really appreciated.
Best regards

The Clomid didn’t cause the problem. You started taking it after the last of the nandrolone was clearing. You also had a bit of a false sense of functioning from the hcg. If you had taken nothing when you started the Clomid you’d be having the exact same issues.

Now why you’re still shut down is another question entirely. At 37 you’re rolling the dice when it comes to cycles. I agree with the doctor, wait a few weeks and get blood work. You may be so very low, even after a proper pct, that your next stop is trt.

Thank you for the advice. I won’t do anything during one month from now and then take the blood test. Do you know any guideline here on the site for variables to check on the blood panel? I would like to have an holistic view from the beginning and not going by part.
The doctor asked me only lh/fsh, free and total test, prolactin and psa.
Best regards

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@iron_yuppie , you were right on your statement that I am still shudown.
I am still waiting for prolactin outcome that may reveal more insight.

Any thought on why clomid did not restart the axis ?


But your test is 600!! Your LH is nonexistent, SHBG high as Hell, but you still have a good range free test. That is…puzzling. When was this blood drawn in relation to your last shot of both test and deca?

The blood test was conducted today and the last test/deca shot happened 6 weeks ago.

Whith Deca 500 mg , maybe your prolactin is HIGH , I think thats the problem !!!

I agree, tomorrow I should be getting the results for prolactin.

So finally I got the prolactin result. Given that number, I am inferring that my Clomid PCT did nothing to restore my HPA axis. I am accepting the fact that I screwed myself and became secondary. The doctor gave me clomid for 60 additional days which I find too much.
So now my plan is to put myself on TRT for 12 weeks and attempt to recover my HPA after that.
@KSman , as I have read that you have plenty of knowledge, is that possible that I permanently killed my HPA ?

@iron_yuppie , This probably is explained because I pinned 3 x 1000 UI of HCG the previous week in attemp to fix the disaster. I dont find any other explanation on where did that testostorone come.

I remember 4 years ago that my prolactin was at 7.8 ng / ml and my friend who is a doctor, told me that with that value I had it high, then I prescribe to take in that bromocriptima time. at that time I didn’t have good erections and my libido was low.
I had finished a post cycle, I still think that your prolactin is high and that this is the problem, try ti fix it to 6.5ng/ml…

Thank you @fherfer , I will consider that.
As an update, I put myself on TRT with sustenon 250 and 2 days after the inyection my libido came back. Now I can say that I am 100% functional on the sex departement. I returned with rage.
My plan would be to stay on TRT for 10 weeks and after that I will try to recover my system again.
Since I also dropped clomid 7 days ago , I am not sure if my recovery is because of the testosterone or the Clomid withdrawal.
Best Regards

Glad to hear things were going uphill. In the same boat right now. Did you ever try to recover after taking the sustanon? How’d it go?

Yes, I fully recovered after putting myself with trt during 6 months(sustanon 250 mg per week) . After that period I just did a normal pct only using tamoxifen which I started after the third week from the last injection.
The tamoxifen dosage was 30 mg the first 2 week, 20 mg week 2-4 and 10 mg week 4-6.
I also included hcg somewhere between week 2 and 3 from the last pin divided in 4 doses of 1000 ui EOD.
I had a really bad time with this story and all I can tell you is don’t panic because it is worse.
Now I am 100% back having sex every day with my 27 years old girlfriend.
Lesson learned, I won’t touch deca again in this life.
If you have any question I am here to help.
Best regards

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