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Cleaning cardio machines.

My gym is full of unclean fucks. Get this instead of paper towels and windex(or whatever it is) they have a rag and windex. Everyone uses the same dirty discusting cloth. I wouldn’t wipe my ass with that thing. I don’t clean the bikes after I use them. F-them not until they get paper towels. Assholes. What bugs me worse is that that dirty rag is on every machine. So I’m touching ass. Yippy. Guess it’s not much different than the weights. Some dude probably sratches his nuts then grabs the dummbbells. Sorry venting. But does anyone agree with me??? :slight_smile:

Keago aka: Clean freak...who's ass is cleaner than that fucking rag!!! :)

Sorry man that sucks. I to work at a gym. We use new rags each time though. Clean ones. Yippie as you say lol. Yeah after I do a good clean up of the cardio and cybex it is a disgusting thing. Glad we use new rags each time we do it. Peace

Yeah you sound like Jerry Seinfeld. :slight_smile:

Oooh… Baby need a napkin?

Maybe, just maybe, you should wash your hands after you work out. And avoid putting your finger in your mouth or eyes.

Sorry man, but it is just not that big of a deal. Remember the advice from Things We ve Learned? If you are obsessing on the little things, you are probably not worrying about the important stuff (paraphrase).

I’m with you Keago. I can barely contain myself when I see that shit. There is this little fucking karate freak where I work, and he rides the elliptical and makes a mess of it. This POS sweats sooo much that the machine is white from his evaporated sweat. Does grashopper clean the machine aftet he makes it nasty? Hell no. I want to say something but it would just end up with me wiping the floor with him, and I need my job.

A real gym should be dark and dirty, with a funk in the air. I am sick and tired of ths sanitized, neon, flourescent, bullshit.

The clean freaks and the people always worried about germs are the ones who always get sick.

I have been to 7 diff gyms this year and have only seen 1 with any form of cleaner stuff for the cardio gear, if it’s there use it. Why don’t you use your towel to wipe the windex stuff off?


Dude I almost never get sick. I have wiped out colds in a day. :slight_smile:

Veljko P & KO:

Why don’t you clean your teeth with a tolit brush? When you have a shower do you wash your ass then your face? Get my point? I’m not trying to start a flame war here. However it amazes me how unsanitary people are. That was the point of this post. Oh and to vent. :slight_smile:

Ko is the most sanitary person I know. He showers twice a day - he has to after work. He’s a CHEF and smells like food when he gets home. And being a CHEF, he’s concerned with cleanliness.

So, why don't you chill. And I rather agree with him - a gym is meant to be a place where people work hard and sweat.

However we do carry a TOWEL with us around the gym. In the good old days, people useto carry towels in the gym - y’know them terry-cloth like things are pretty helpful…

Patricia showering 2wice a day is pretty standard procedure…

Note to Self–Stop washing ass before washing face.

Sorry I hurt your boyfriends feelings. But “A real gym should be dark and dirty, with a funk in the air.” Dirty??? Doesn’t sound to concerned with cleanliness too me. I’m not saying it should be smelling of bleach either. But clean or close too it would be nice. Lastly I don’t understand why your telling me to chill. I think it was clear in my last post that I wasn’t attacking anyone. I’m sure KO is a nice guy and so are you. My point is that a rag that everyone uses can’t be that clean. There is no point in using it if it’s dirty. I was frustrated by the ignorance of the staff and other gym goers. Do you wipe the floor with a rag then wipe your counter with the sameone? I hope not. Wiping the counter then the floor…that’s okay. Is this a concept that is that hard to understand? I’m not being condescending I’m asking because few seem to understand this. I mean there is a proper and improper way to clean stuff no? Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

There is NO reason for unsanitary conditions anywhere, be it in a gym or elsewhere. Even an older style free-weight-only gym should be sanitary. That’s only common sense. Anybody who thinks unsanitary is good must be a relative of Pigpen.

As a matter of fact, I do clean my teeth with a toilet brush. But it is nobodys business. Shit particles help prevent cavities, and while at it, I hear Orbit is coming out with a new chewing gum-Fecal Fresh.

Okay that was pretty funny. LOL. :slight_smile:

Here’s what really concerns me in the gym: Since we work out in a 24Hours Fitness - that useto be a Golds Gym, so it’s nicely supplied (in terms to free weights, Hammer Strength, FLEX and other various machines) and NOW it’s got rows, and rows of cardio equipment. okay. 1) Equipment (weights): stocked AND working (for Hammer Strength, etc.) AND OFF THE GOSHDARN FLOOR. I’m tired of the gym floor resembling a obstacle course with plates strewn about. 2)People who believe the gym floor to be for “mini conventions”. Get THEM out of here… 3) People who read the newspaper (!) between sets…I have absolutely NO response to this, other than wanting to beat them senselessly with that damn newspaper. 4)24Hour’s staff of “Trainers” - how can you say…“get a CLUE?” (usually what I say is “hey, nice purple shirt, hope ya win” wink), to this bunch…AYE CARUMBA. and finally…5)the people who sweat…who really don’t annoy me, cuz they’re usually up on one of the cardio thingees and out of my way while I’m on the gym floor. As a matter of fact, the cardio equipment are usually all being used and you can hear crickets chirping on the gym floor, it’s so empty (when 24Hour ain’t blasting FULL THROTTLE,“Sweatin’ to the '80’s” on the speakers).

But it's a "gym" and we're there for just 30-40 minutes in a day and 3-4 days a week. I can live with this for that small amount of time in the course of MY LIFE.

You didn’t hurt my feelings, and I did not intend to start a flame war, just posting my opinion, which was that I am tired of bright, abnoxious, neon, gyms. At the end of your post you asked if anyone, agrees with you, you got a negative response, if you don’t like it then don’t ask. If you have spent enough time training in the martial arts, (full contact, grappling) You get used to getting someone else’s sweat on you, you get used to the smell of old sweaty, stinky equipment. Ever been in a mosh pit, with the sweat of 100 people soaking your shirt? I have, it does not bother me, a shower and a load of laundry takes takes care of it.You are a clean freak in the gym, I have to be a clean freak every day at work, so the last thing I am going to worry about is being a clean freak at the gym.

Ever wash off every doorknob you turn? Who knows what hands touched those doorknobs! (LOL)