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Classic Grow! Tastes Awesome


I just bought and tried this for the first time, and I LOVE IT!

I thought the Metabolic Drive was great, then I tried this and can't believe I haven't been buying this all along.

I mean, it's only a few extra grams of carbs and it tastes great, plus it's cheaper.

I'm a new fan of the Classic Grow! and will be for a while.

My wife only likes the strawberry flavored Metabolic Drive, so I'll still be buying it for her, but for me, it's Classic Grow! all the way.


Here is another tip - always buy vanilla Classic Grow!. You can turn it into any flavor you want. A scoop of hersheys coco makes it chocolate. A scoop of hershey strawberry makes it, well, strawberry.

Vanilla Classic Grow! is the most versatile, you can make a ton of flavors and recipes from it.


Yeah. It is good stuff.


Yes....Come to the dark side....

Classic Grow! kicks ass, and tastes friggin great. My favorite is about a cup and a half of plain yogurt, a scoop of Classic Grow!, and a couple of spoonfuls of natty peanut butter. Oh man, I can just taste it now. Its like peanut butter pie, I swear. So good....


I think it was either Tim or TC in a thread a few months back that said eventually there gonna sell protein in bulk, larger quantities to be even more cost effective.

Now THAT will be cool.


Has anyone else noticed that Metabolic Drive is a lot easier to mix than Grow!?


It has been a while since I have bought Classic Grow!, but when I tried it, I found I preferred the Metabolic Drive better. This has to be the only thing I have preferred low carb. I will give it a try again though. (Has actually been a good 4 years since I tried it.)


I love the vanilla Classic Grow! as well. I use it during the day to get some carbs, but then later on in the day and evening I switch to Metabolic Drive since it has a very low amount of carbs. I'm a fan of both products.


I love the taste of Classic Grow! too. But as mentioned earlier, it doesn't mix as well as Metabolic Drive -- you're almost forced to use a blender or live with the chunks. I also find the consistency to be a little too thick. Adding more water will thin it out but it will also dilute the rich flavor. Yeah, I'm a picky bastard...


It's been mixing well with me so far.

I just use a shaker bottle and I never got clumps yet, even when I mixed it with milk.

I just make sure I shake the bottle for a while. Maybe around 15-20 seconds.


I'm a new fan of Classic Grow! too. I like the vanilla and usually mix it with a variety of frozen or fresh berries. Yum! I like it better than the Metabolic Drive now.


People have been raving over the Metabolic Drive for ever, but I've always been a classic man myself. More carbs = more flavor.


I still say Classic Grow! is THE BEST tasting protein out there. Only thing that comes close is muscle milk, but Classic Grow! is cheaper, and doesn't have 400 calories per serving like muscle milk.


I like how Classic Grow! can really thicken up by using just plain water.


Chocolate Grow! + peanut butter + bananna all blended up is really where its at


I don't like it as much on its own, but I find it's really good when mixed with Metabolic Drive. They also seem to help each other mix better.


Sounds good.
Do you add any water?
If so, how much?


Classic Grow! is the truth.

for my goals, i prefer the product that still has Grow! in its name. besides, growing more muscle will increase your metabolic drive anyway.


I usually go with 8 oz for every scoop. That gives it an even, slightly thick but not to thick texture. 6 oz per scoop makes it like a dairy queen blizzard, and 12 will make it liquid.


Also try Surge. Freeking awesome!