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Anyone try some of Paul Chek’s ‘Tornado Training’ exercises? I’ve been doing the wood chopping one and you should SEE the looks people give me in the gym. Anyways, I’m interested in knowing other’s experiences with it. Also, how often do you find that sometimes you don’t even break much of a sweat in the gym (just lifting, no cardio)? I do my best to follow Ian King’s suggestions (he’s big on not injuring yourself, and since I’m a musician, that could be a big problem) I find that I hardly sweat at all on a back/biceps day, a little on chest, and I’m soaked on leg day (especially if its hip flexor dom.).

There is not enough space at the gym i go to to do tornado ball exercises but i cycle them into the intensification phases of my training and find them to be very productive in generating increased power.