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Chia Seeds with...?


So I recently picked up some chia seeds and have been having them at night with plain lactose free yogurt, protein powder and a splash of vanilla. My question is if anyone has any other ideas of what to mix them with? I like them with the yogurt but I want to try and get away from eating the same thing everyday; at least 1 or maybe even 2 more options would be great. Thanks in advance for any ideas.


I've only been throwing them in my morning oatmeal, although I'll probably be sprinkling them in my Cottage Cheese once I go back into Diet-Mode this Fall. The fact that you don't need to grind them to get the nutritional value, as well as the nice little nutty-ness they add to foods makes it pretty convenient to just throw them into anything (sprinkle over a salad?)



I make a gel of them using milk, turns out a bit like pudding. Same ratios as with water.


While we're on the issue of seeds and grinding - Stu: do you grind your flax seeds? I got whole ones and I'm wondering if I should have gotten ground, they're cheap enough.

Also, chia seeds in shakes for mad hydration brah. Or soak them in water before


I forgot how much water they absorb, maybe I'll start adding them to my daily shakes instead.


True enough, was thinking more as an evening snack. The salad might work though. Thanks.


Its like 10 or 12x their mass in water I think.