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Cass Sunstein Anti 2nd Amendment


Another one of obama's czars.






So, now we have someone in the office that disagrees with our second amendment.

I have provided a bunch of facts, does anyone still not believe we have a Marxist in the white house?


MR.HUSSEIN is marxist in everything, but name.


the day he declares marshal law, and decides to suppress dissent and seize firearms. a violent and merciless insurgency, will be launched against the regime and its supporters. the settling of accounts with the left, will have begun. many army and marine units,will mutiny and refuse to engage these, brave patriots. some might aid , these brave patriots. the local and state police, FBI and ATF well be unable to handle, the insurgents. everything will go to hell in a hand basket.

everything that I'm saying is just speculation, worst case scenario.


I know it 's tough watching your marxist hero being exposed, but you'll be stronger for it in the long run.

Edited typo of long run




If you go to my thread Glenn beck on fox & friends you will see a video of him saying he has info that in the next week will be sending people to jail.


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Who's next? Ward Churchill? Wouldn't surprise me a bit.


ward churchill, destroyed himself, all his lies and deceptions where exposed


Yeah, I recall back in my Beck listening days he played one of Rev. Wright's speeches, but instead of snippets like everyone else, he pre-empted his whole show to play the entire sermon.



In one of his novels, Tom Clancy describes Chinese diplomats as being like Klingons because their value system, sense of morality, even sense of reality were completely alien to Americans. I think the liberals are the same way. They are so out there and insulated by there own acolytes, they beleive the rest of America thinks like they do; that they are mainstream. Then they let their guard down and speak what's really on their minds (Ward Churchill or Van Jones) and we get to see how freakishly outlandish they really are. The same with Obama appointing whackos like no one will notice. Or his indoctrination tactics for the school speech today. I hope they keep it up.


Yep, He's a bad one alright Push. using what people have said and what they have written against them! why who would do such a dastardly thing.

Mean what you say and say what you mean.


I typo'd long run, but this is exactly correct. Beck's whole show, just about every day is:

Listen and look at this.

Why the hell isn't anybody prominent at least asking about it.

I actually don't find him overly articulate or a brilliant rhetorician. Not that he's poorly spoken either, but his drawing power is the way he simply asks questions based on evidence provided by these leftists themselves.

For instance. At what point did having an executive administration full of people who were scoffed at for being fringe America haters not too long ago become a good idea and what does it portend for the future of this nation?

What an outrageous thing to ask. No point denying that we do in fact have people who in my lifetime were considered fringe America haters at the helm now, but that won't stop some of these delusional clones from trying.

At least Ryan P. Mcarter (spelling?) doesn't hide his disdain for this nation and his desire to see it become a socialist utopia.


yeah i watched beck for the first time since he left cnn, and I was really suprised. Is his FOX show just a clip show? He just showed clip after clip of people he does not like discussing their own beliefs. Talk about shooting someone with their own gun. I read so much about what beck was doing, and the reality is just so different. But i still have a hard time watching or listening to the dude, too much of a mormon drama queen. I was just really suprised that his show is basically a libertarian soup show.

We are fortunate to live in a youtube world where basically everything is taped and stored for the general public. This would have been so easy to whitewash over a decade ago. It would appear that providence is helping us now, just as it helped george washington.


This guy is another douche who needs to go.