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Casein vs. Meat Before Bedtime


Wouldn't some meat be a better food to consume before bedtime rather than a caesin shake?


I can't remember where, but somewhere I remember reading that a shake is more beneficial as there's less digestion involved. Absorbing protein from a liquid meal was apparently the way to go as it let ya get to sleep easier. Digestion was supposed to interfere with some sleep cycle thingy. Or something.

Casein is cheaper than meat anyway.


The whole purpose behind having casein before bed is to keep your metabolism going and to burn calories. Casein is a slow digesting protein in shake form or in solid form (ex cottage cheese) so you are digesting it all night and it keeps your metabolism elevated. If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep you might try melitonin or ZMA.

My advice would be: If you are trying to cut or maintain eat casein before bed.

If you are trying to bulk: Who cares? Eat anything you want (within limits)


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You may need to go back and read the Grow! article. Because of its slower absorption, therefore it creates a "time realease" effect which gives the body a constant supply of amino acids which helps offset the catabolic effects of fasting during sleep. the elevation of metabolism from digestion is negligible.


Both are slow in digestion. I just prefer a shake. Something sweet like a treat pre bed. I have meat all damn day. Thats why I use 2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! and some fats.

Either is good pre bed though.


My pre-bedtime meals:

ZMA then half hour to hour later:
lofat yogurt while I'm grilling...
1lb of hamburger
whey protein shake (can't afford Grow yet)

all that within 1.5 hours of bed and I sleep fine