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Cardio on roids

Cardio after weight training and before breakfast isnt ideal because of the cortisol increase/rise.But when using steroids it shouldnt matter…right?Thanks(exuse my english).


Actually, those are the two best times to incorporate cardio into your training schedule.

any worries about rises in cortisol is minutia. cardio in the morning is best no matter how you slice it. kevo

Zig: Those are some of the BEST times to do cardio!

Most “juicers” will also use Cortisol blockers as part of their drug regimen (not really a good thing, though) DESPITE the utilization of loads of steroids. So I guess that in their minds it does matter. (I can’t really tell you the reasoning behind it though).

I lost the most fat (without muscle loss) by running 60 minutes in the morning on an empty stomach, then lifting.

Yes, cardio on an empty stomach and after lifting are the best times, but no one is actually answering Ziggy’s question.
Since cardio is generally catabolic, and steroids fight catabolism, you can do more cardio (duration and intensity) while on steroids without sacrificing your hard earned muscle.