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Can You Take Steroids & Not Know?

According to a alledged leak in the Barry Bonds grand jury testimony, Bonds states that if he was taking steroids, he was unaware of it. He instead believed what he was taking was a natural and legal substance.

Granted I did not myself hear Bonds say this, but my question to you guys and gals is this:
Is it possible to take steroids and not know that you are on them?

I personally have never made the choice to use steroids so I cannot honestly answer this question, however I can only assume (a bad word, I know) that there is no way that you can be on steroids and not realize something is going on.

I am very interested and excited to hear everybody else’s viewpoints on this, especially members who have used steroids. I would find your opinion on this highly valued due to your first hand experience.

It would depend on the drug use, the duration of use, and the dosage. With the dosages used by some athletes, not bodybuilders, it’s possible.

Remember, most athletes don’t need or want to add a lot of muscle to the degree that bodybuilders do. Many of them don’t want any weight gain since they need to stay in their weight class. Others simply don’t want the attention that adding a lot of muscle seemingly overnight brings.

In my own humble opinion, Barry Bonds is desperate to keep his records untainted, has lied, and now continues to lie.

Look at it this way. He has always been known to be extremely anal about anything and everything that has to do with his training, how he communicates (or doesn’t) with the press, and so forth.

So then we’re to believe that he lets his trainer put a few drops of “clear” under his tongue and lets him rub the cream on his muscles, and doesn’t demand to know just what it is and what it’s supposed to do?

And then, when he’s out bench pressing his car out in his driveway a few weeks later, he’s not mildly curious?

The guy had to know what was up, and decided to lie about it.

I say there is no way, if you have any experience at all with any type of supplement, that you don’t know the difference between that and steroids.

To answer the thread: Yes, if you’re retarded.

Note to media: Stop blaming Barry and start blaming the rest of baseball…and football…and track…and this and that…

…and who believes McGuire was only on Andro? Ha!

I could see that, you slam yourself in the ass with a syringe or poke it in your belly. There are alot of reasons for that kind of behavior besides steroids. Maybe he is building an “I thought it was dope” defanse. Thats a lame excuse, thats like eating a steak and saying I didn’t think it was meat!

I heard something about McCain wanting to get Congress involved in this. I wonder if that will include legislation about pine tar on bats.

Yeah, and Clinton didn’t inhale…