Business Trip - Supps and Nutrition Tips?

I am getting ready to go on a 10-day business trip. I haven’t done this since I have fixed my nutritional habits. I won’t have a fridge, so it will be room-service or eating out. I will be at one location for the 10 days, so the good thing is that I will not be airport hopping.

I would appreciate any tips on how to get through this without messing up my newly created healthy lifestyle.

I would try and get a hotel with a kitchen but if you cant then I would amke sure to bring a bunch of protien bars and shakes, also you try and find a store near by and buy things that can be left out like bread and peanut buter. Make sure to bring lots of fish oil also to regulate insulin incase you have a eat out a few times.

Don’t sweat it, All restaurants serve Meat and Veggies. Just bring along some nuts, seeds pickup some fruit and Beef Jerky. Not much more you can do.

Lots of Metabolic Drive and a big bag of nuts.

Picture is from a recent business trip.
I brought along:
Metabolic Drive Low Carb
Alpha Male
Greens Plus
Flax meal
Shaker tumbler
Mixed nuts

I also went grocery shopping for fruits that I kept in my hotel room ref. For Breakfast I found a restaurant that would make me made to order omelette. I’ve learn to order food not on the menu. Just ask if they can make the food that you like. The only drawback is it might cost a little bit more.

Lunch during a business trip
Grilled Chicken

Made to order Omelette with Chicken sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach
Oatmeal and coffee
I skipped the hash browns