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Bulking on Tren, Little Scale Weight Gain

I’ve been running Tren for a few weeks (ace at 50mged) along with 600 test and 200 mast a week, I’ve definitely built muscle but I’ve stayed pretty lean and only got a little bit fatter, I’ve been in the low 190s for about 2 weeks. Should I be content and milk the recomp like gains or should I try to create an even bigger surplus and gain scale weight? I already eat around 700 over maintenance

I think that is a personal decision based on your goals and how you want to look. I would take the leaner gains over just putting on weight. Which one would make you feel better, physically?

It’s nice recomping but during a bulk I think I would feel better putting on a tiny bit of fat to make sure I’m actually maximizing muscle gains. The nutrient partitioning of Tren is probably pushing my maintenance up so much that I’m not actually in an optimal surplus to get every ounce of contractile tissue I possibly can, even though I’m still getting good results. I think I’ll probably bump up my calories a bit