Bulking on a Budget

I’m going back to university next month and was interested in some helpful tips on continuing to bulk on limited time and funds. I was thinking to buy whole chickens and big bags of rice because there cheap and cooking the chicken for the next few days and leave it in the fridge, while cooking rice in a rice cooker.

I’ll be eating a lot of grains, and wondering if there’s any disadvantages of it.

eat lots of nuts
they are ridiculously cheap and have a ridiculous amount of calories

Beans are cheap and have carbs and lots of fiber, and some protein as well.

Yer cheers for the heads up on nuts going to get a big bag and munch it when i need my cals. Also a massive 10kg bag of plain whey concentrate and maybe so milk powder can’t afford any fancy sups.

eggs are only a buck a dozen (usd anyways). i imagine they are affordable in england too.

Yer, get them down too about 10p for an egg maybe 9p. Only problem is egg seems to fill me up quite a bit perticularly in the morning. Any suggestions on cheap white meats? and carbs?

For meats i either go to the supermarket (Sainsburys) and buy a pack of pre-wrapped and skinless Turkey Breasts (i OD’ed on Chicken breast years ago - hate the stuff - that along with tins of Tuna), or i go to the local market/indoor market where there are butchers who sell packs of rump and such for £5-£10 a tray.
2x£10 trays for £15 could 10-14 days at a moderate portion a day…

Beans aren’t a whole protein source, but if you add bread (ie. beans on toast) it is.

Same with rice - add beans and it gives you a whole protein source ;).

Lately I’ve been buying egg cartons non stop and making egg whites my main source of protein throughout the day. A pack of 18 costs me 1 dollar. I get the generic kind though (non organic). If I eat the yolks, I make sure to get the organic stuff.

And if you have a Sam’s Club or Costco near you…they sell HUGE tubs of extra virgin olive oil for the price of a small bottle at any general market store.