Broken Fibula Post-Recovery Issues

Recently broke my fibula completely in half and required surgery. I now have 8 screws and a metal rod in there. Had the surgery back in February, so it has been around 6 months. I have been cleared to do my normal workouts , although there is a lack of care from the doctors and I don’t quite know if they understand what heavy lifting is. I have been back in the gym since may taking it quite slow however I am having problems with my lower body. My upper body strength came back quite fast and now am benching way more then I can squat. I do squats with just 145 pounds and I am getting pain in both my knees which I am pretty sure is related to the break or the lay off , since I have never struggled with knee pain to this degree. Every time I squat down and the knee hits about a 90 degree angle I get pain on the inside of the knee. If I go slow it hurts more then if I go fast. I would really like to build my lower body strength back up but am just finding it hard and demoralizing dealing with potentially other injuries on the horizon now. Has anyone came back from a broken leg/ankle and dealt with similar issues of ankle mobility causing problems or just weak lower body? Thanks

@leebans, What you are experiencing is NOT uncommon. Yes, the break is causing some issues I am sure, but more than likely, the initial injury, then the subsequent surgery, and the “lack of care from the doctors” have left you with some dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

I’d love to do a case study and help you better.

Can you have someone video you squatting from the front as well as from the side (90deg.)? then post it here, and we can analyze it together and give you direct guidance that will pay off!

But know that this is common, you are not alone in this, and it is likely fixable with the right set of eyes on it. There are many good ones here for you!


Yes sir! Will get on that tomorrow.

I broke my plateau tibial and it is a very slow recovery. Good luck

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