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Broad Spectrum Fruits and Veggies


Here is a question google doesn’t seem to have a direct answer too: which fruits and vegetables have the most nutrients in terms of variety. By that I mean, have the most vitamins and minerals, not necessarily the highest concentrations. WHFoods is a pretty damn good resource for those things but it only provides a list of the 100 most nutritious foods .


In the us they have drinks called smothies at the grocery stores , which have several fruits and veggies pureed, they have around 10 combos.
I Google stuff as you mentioned and get nothing but ads .


A lot of those smoothies are full of sugar, though. They have the vitamins but I dont want enough sugar to kill a diabetic in my drink.


The alternative is superfood mixes, from a real health food store . The powder form.
They got all the vitamins you need but taste bad but just drink it cold and fast
I drink a greens mix that has like 160 cals in 15 oz not bad, the other brand on shelf is 250 15 oz.



Is this about what you were looking for?