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Brian Siders is a Beast!


Holy shit. Under the strictest rules there are (IPF), in single ply gear, he squats 892 like it was a warmup. The man is not human.

It's an older clip, but it's still crazy.


what is he snorting just before it? some kind of smelling salts to open his nose?


The sad thing is, he's kind of "feeling" that squat out.

When he squats at Men's Nationals (I've seen him at least the last 2 years) he's so fast the whip of the bar almost throws him off balance. Needless to say, he is an amazing lifter.

Stay strong


Yea, Ammonia caps. It's quite painful so it gets you psyched up before a big lift.


Damn! That is a big unit.


A Beast indeed...


Huh? what are you looking at?


I think it's an Aussie thing. Over here a large person is a "unit" or "big unit".