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boxers or briefs

Has anyone else the same problem I do? Once your thighs/glutes get larger, regular “undies” pinch up the ole’ nads. What the heck is the solution. Boxers ride up and do the same thing as anything else. I hate it, even if you bump up the size, the same thing happens.

Try boxer briefs they are comfortable.

Dude, just go without. The best change of your life. You can beat saving money and being comfortable as hell.

I go without. Been doing it for 23 years so far. Never a problem yet.

I never realized adults never wore underwear!

It’s called freeballing!

Boxer briefs, under full thigh and ass cut jeans. Threw out all my levi’s years ago as there made for skinny guys. I also find that Calvin Klein and other expensive brands of boxer briefs are the worst. If you have big legs, they ride up til there like briefs. Hanes brand boxer briefs are cheap and they don’t ride up. I’ve got a drawer full of Calvin’s (wife bought me) I can’t wear and lots of Hanes I can. Up here in Canada, freeballin isn’t an option for much of the year.

eeewwwwww!!! You’ll get skid marks in your pants!

I’m sorry, but there is WAY too much information here. :wink:

“Skid Marks” are a sign that something is wrong with your diet. You should look into that, its not too hard to correct.

Guys don’t leak uncontrollably at any time of the month. Toilet paper is cheap and is the main method of prevention of skid marks. Proper hygiene is important even if you wear undies. If it gets cold enough I wear thermal underwear because your jewels aren’t the only thing that needs insulation.

Freeballin? No thanks, visions of that movie with Cameron Diaz are going through my head. I can’t risk a second circumcision. I’ll try the Hanes boxer briefs. If anyone else has the thigh problem with jeans, Levi’s 570’s are great if you can still find them. IMO, all other jeans are like cheap hotels–no ballroom.

laugh come on, I’ve heard more than one ‘locker room’ skid mark discussion. Why would you want your ass, etc, rubbing on your jeans? and aren’t you worried about the zipper?

All of you freeballers out there, what do you do if you let er’ rip and you get more than you bargained for? What about when Willy gets a bit excited over vagindintation and lets off a bit of steam? Yeow! Do you take spare pants with you? I can’t be the only one who ever shat his bloomers.

Go with the jeans from Rheingold Fashions! A little expensivem but the quality is first rate, and they have plenty of butt and thigh room.

I haven’t used the boxer briefs yet but I have to use briefs because if my balls don’t have support I am in pain. My testicles when I hold them in my hand are roughly the size of a baseball and are very heavy so I need the support. Does anyone else have any situation like this.

THANK YOU!!! laugh See… Power Farter admits he gets the occasional skid mark. So all you freeballers out there, I’d guess you never wear kaki pants?

Speaking of boxers, when I was squattin last week, i tore the hell out of them when i was in the bottom position. riiiiiippp! i guess that means i was going far enough down.

Skid marks?!! Shouldn’t you guys be posting on the muscle car thread below?!! Freeballin’ (aka goin’ commando) is the only way to go! If I have to wear lightweight dress pants I’ll go with some boxers (100% cotton to reduce perspiration). I’ve tried those new Calvin’s with the roomy pouch in front- they’re ok, but nothin beats the freedom of nothin. Must be my ancestral heritage- vikings & mad Scots. Those dudes never wore a thing under their skirts!

I’m like the old Tom Petty song, “yea I’m freeeee, free ball’n”. When I do where undies I like the Calvin’s boxer briefs.