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Boris Sheiko

I was wondering if anyone here have tried the programs designed by The russian coach Boris Sheiko?


As you can see, the volume is quite high, but the funny thing is, that most of the people I know who have tried it reports fewer training injuries than usual. Probably because you always stay awaqy from failure, and They also report that their strenght gains have been good, and if you couple it with solid eating, mass gains are also quite good :slight_smile:

I?m completing my first beginner cycle #2 and am pleased to be able to (front-)squat for the first time in years without pain. Im expecting good gains in my total when I test my max strength after the cycle. Ive made minor alterations such as training every 3, day instead og training three days a week, and throwing in some exercises for the lats, i.e. chins and rows. I`ve also chosen not to do the flyers.

Heard some good stuff about but have never done it. It is very high volume from what i have read. It seems that not many people here have done it, well atleast that are willing to speak up about it, and that suprises me…

My suggestion is to ask at some other forums or training lists and then post back with the results.

i recently spent 6 months on the #2 sheiko cycle, i experienced fantastic gains in the front squat and bench, back squat and deadlift began to falter a little in teh last month or so, perhaps because of teh huge volumes (i think it may have had more to do with the cold weather though, when my joints play up)

what i found was when a workout calls for the same movement to be trained twice in one session i would use a vatiation…

ie: on teh higher % squats i would use the front squat, on the lower % i would use the back squat,
high % bench i would do rack presses from the chest, low % bench = regular bench.

this may have allowed me to handle the large volumes without to much joint pain, although my shoulder was pretty banged up by the time i finished my last cycle.

big hassle was the fact most workouts would last nearly 2 hours, i guess they could be broken up and split into 2 x 1 hour WO, but who has the time?

i would definately do it again, not for as long though, just 1 or 2 months as a break from teh WS stuff.

I was also thinking about doing two different exercises or variations on the days where there are two rounds of squats or benches. I too think it will be easier on my joints, and it might build a little more mass and relieve boredom.

BTW, got to meet the man himself at the IPF world championship in Denmark this week end. A couple of friends and I were running around like teen-age girls with back stage passes at a boy band concert, having our pictures taken with some of the stars of IPF.
But Boris wouldn`t have his picture taken with us: “Nno piktures”…old coot. Oh well, we got plenty of pictures of him anyway :wink:

It’s been anecdotally observed that high volumes, and excentric actions have the effect of causing hyperplasia or the development of new muscle cells. This may be a good reason for success here… dunno though. Hyperplasia is still a holy grail… unless Myostatin binders work.