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Books For Advanced Dieting

I know all the basic stuff about dieting, but I was looking for some more advanced principles or strategies…

I was wondering if you have any great books that you would recommend me to read about nutrition?

I’ve already read metabolic typing diet by william wolcott.

There’s so many books about dieting on the market…that’s very difficult to find the good ones…

John Berardi (aside from all the great articles on this site!)has a DVD on Nutriton and in also coming out with a new book. Check it out!


You are already at the place. Look at Lowery’s articles. Berardi too. Thib’s as well. There are plently of stuff at T-Nation. Most books at the stores are crap. Wilcott’s book is good one though. It makes you look at the diet differently.

You should defenetly go with Berardi’s DVD and articles here.

I have berardi’s DVD. Even though it is an excellent source for meal / nutrition planning and has given me a basis for the way I eat every day now, I’m not sure if it applies to what you are looking for.

Are you looking for the EXTREME chemical rxns. that take place upon digestion of every macronutrient and the appropriate percentages at certain temps./environments to use them? If so, that DVD won’t help much.

If you are looking for ways to apply berardi’s principles into your everyday life, shop for the good stuff, and even a breakfast for the total day prep in 30 minutes, then it is an excellent source for ya.

Ok I see but I heard that Berardi’s DVD is only exposing basic stuff…As I said I think I know all the basics about preparing meals, and so on…

I’m specifically looking for books that give some new dieting strategies not necessarily explained with big advanced Scientific theories…I want something more practical…

for example, How to manipulate a diet in order to reach some specific goals…but maybe you’re all right and I will only find some basic theoric stuff…So maybe should I seach more on t-nation…

But By the way,…what’s you’re favorite dieting articles on T-nation?Maybe it could helps me…

To learn about keto diets, check The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald.

HIs Ultimate Diet 2.0 book is even better. It’s a prgroram that combines specific diet and training for fatloss.

Check out Bodyopus by Dan Duchaine. It has been out a while, but he was years ahead of his time. It’s got some pretty radical suggestions in there if that’s what you’re looking for.