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Boilerman Wants It All

Geez man, you’re not hot wearing that hoodie?

All the big guys workout in hoodies. It makes guys like you and I not so jealous. Also keeps the women away because they are there for gains not females.


Boilerwoman must be so deprived of seeing boilerman’s big bulging muscles.

I was absolutely sweating my ass off haha. I only wore it because the log has some pretty thin edges. It ends up digging into my forearms and bruising really badly. I just wanted some padding between my skin and the log.

Lol… Yup my 65 year old neighbors kept creeping on me, so it had to be done. Don’t want to show off too much.

I wish I had the problem of being too muscular haha. Maybe some day.


Deepwater Intermediate W3D4

Flat bench at 185lbs, 3x10, 4 mins rest

CGBP at 155lbs, 3x10, 2 mins rest

Incline at 135lbs, 3x10, 2 mins rest

Dips x 17.5, 15.5, 12.5

Planks and sit ups

Bench felt heavy today. I was on the fence about hitting the flat sets. Ended up being able to grind through the last set of 185. Not sure how I want to progress from there. Might go for the same rest time next week and see if I can get it to feel a little bit stronger.

Some pics

First pic is the end of T-ransformation , second is today, so about 5 months. Everything is moving in the right direction.


Dem abs tho

Man, you ran the hell out of Deep Water

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Trap and shoulder growth is crazy.

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Thanks dude, I still have 3 more weeks of intermediate…

Yeah man it’s wild, I think my shoulders responded better this time than the last for some reason. I didn’t notice it until I did a side by side.


Nice work dude

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Thanks man!


Belt squat at 140lb x 50
Power clean at 135 x 5
BS at 130 x 50
PC at 135 x 5
BS at 120 x 50
PC at 135 x 5
BS at 120 x 35
PC at 135x5
BS at 95 x 50
PC at 135 x 5

Short and sweet on this one because it is a bit heavier than last time. I am so hungry. Again, I need to start eating more.


Width change is crazy in just 5 months

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Thanks man, hoping I can keep this kind of progress going.

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Skipped lunch today, ended up working later than I anticipated but got in a 2 mile walk with the dog before it got dark. Had a ton of peanut butter in between jobs… the jar fits in my cup holder so it’s super easy to eat and drive. Tried to make up the missed meal at dinner

1lb ground chuck
Whole avocado
2 very large scoops sour cream
1/4 block buffalo cheddar
8 devilled eggs (4 whole eggs)
4 strips bacon
Medium salad with blue cheese

Devilled eggs were made with sour cream in place of mayonnaise.


I’m concerned for myself because one meal for you is more than my whole day. Trying! But eating is really hard!

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I wouldn’t be terribly concerned dude. I’m not sure what your job is like but I am constantly moving. I’ve tracked my step count for a week and it averaged out to roughly 17k a day just during work, carrying a 50lb toolbag among other equipment… moving boiler sections, piping, ladders etc… on top of all that, deepwater just ignites this fire in my stomach. I’m pretty much always hungry. I honestly can’t wait for deepwater to be over with so I don’t NEED to eat this much and actually put a little bit of weight back on. As of the last weigh in I’m down a few pounds from when I started DW up again.

In reality I wish I could spread the food out throughout the day and just graze… but it’s not possible during work, so I just got good at slamming 2lbs of food at night haha.

Eating is definitely not easy, but like anything, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it. A quantity that used to bust your belt buckle becomes normal.


Deepwater Intermediate W4D1

Deadlift at 340lb, 9 sets to 100 reps
(Totaled 76)

Squat at 165lb, 3x10

Stair jump 5x10

Planks and sit ups

It was obvious by the end of set 2 that there was no way in hell I was getting to 100 reps. Im going to take this loss on the chin and keep the weight where it is. Week 6 I’ll be aiming to beat 76 reps in 8 sets.

Today messed with my mentality way more than normal. Knowing that I was going to fail by set 3, but committing to finish the 9 sets put me in a strange mental state. I wanted to try as hard as possible, but knowing I’d be going to legitimate failure multiple times spiked my anxiety like crazy.

I’m over halfway through intermediate… I just have to find a way to push through. I need to eat, I need to shut my brain off and I just need to do the work.


Sheesh boilerman
Very strong deadlifts!!!

You will conquer the weight next time you do it

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Thanks man I appreciate the kind words, I don’t think there is any way I’ll get to 100 reps though. I’m just not strong enough yet. I’m definitely going to try though.


Up at 5 today due to the dog freaking out over thunder and lightning. About to head out to start on a very large side job… Need to keep up so the remodeling crew can begin putting up drywall and I have to stay ahead of them or else it’s going to turn into a nightmare.

Got out of work late yesterday so I had to shift lifting one day.

Hoping to be in a decent spot by 3 ish so I can take off and do the push presses. Tomorrow will be power cleans and Monday will be bench… then on to the home stretch. I can’t wait for deepwater to be done.