Body Detox Thread

If there has been a thread on this already then please link it and disregard this post.

I’ve lost somewhere around 25 pounds in the last few months, still with a decent diet(75% maybe instead of the 90%) and a workout regiment I don’t feel as healthy as I did 2-3 years ago when I was in tip top shape. Maybe its the difference between 21 and 24. I don’t know. Either way I have been looking into body detox lately.

From what I’ve read the whole “impacted fecal matter” in the colon seems to be bullshit yet at the same time I’ve also come across sites with people holding 4 foot long turds from colon cleansing procedures. I remember a fitness forum a few years ago where a guy did a detox and got 7lbs of “stone” like matter from his turds. Unfortunately I can’t find it now.

Also was reading on some detox procedures like this Master Cleanse - Wikipedia

Of course that isn’t conducive to a BB lifestyle, even for 10 days.

Just want some thoughts/experiences on these types of things.

I think all this talk about finding weird things in your shit is bull. If you ever have a colonoscopy, you’ll see from the prep that there’s nothing unusual in your colon and then you can watch the procedure on a monitor and you won’t see anything unusual sticking to the intestinal wall.

I don’t see how taking a laxative would be any different than some hippie cleanse.

Give this a try:

2 to 6 teaspoons of psyllium husk a day. This gives about 6 to 18 g of soluble fiber.

You’ll see you don’t need these special “detox diets.” Although I’ve never seen worms like some guys do on them with the psyllium husk.