Bob Saap

I am watching him fight on espn 2 and he is getting his ass straight wipped!

Just watched it too. The dude was gassed after 30 seconds. Too big to go round for round.


sapp sucks ass. Everyone’s so worried about his size. Apparently, his punches are terribly weak for his size. He sucks ass. He got tapped out by a skinny guy.

tyson will kill him, then bite his ear off.

Sapp is gonna fight Sumo yokozuna Akebono on New Years Eve here in Japan.

does it have any meaning or merit for the fight fan?

shit no

but seeing Sapp fight someone bigger and possibly stronger should be fun.

Now they’ll just have to design a ring that’ll hold those 2 gorillas

I have seen many websites pump him up, after seing him fight today, he ain’t shit.

Dude, is that really going to happen? I’ll have to catch it… Just for the entertainment value of course. :wink:

And just as an aside, one which 99% of the forumites won’t care about, since they don’t live in Japan… The last Pride fights weren’t fucking shown on regular Japanese TV, because they were covering election returns!

[Shakes head disgustedly] What a crock.

Wow, I wish I got to watch Pride for free. I refuse to pay the obscene amount of money to watch the UFC on payperview

Pride and UFC are different.