Blood work from PCP

Hey everyone I’m new here and wanted to share my blood work to get some opinions.

I’m almost 40 and have been experiencing symptoms of low T for several years so I had bloodwork last week at my primary doctor. I feel very fatigued and have almost zero drive. I’ve worked out for almost 20 years about 5’10 190lbs and don’t drink any alcohol.

Total test 622 ng/dl
SHBG 66 nmol/L
Free test 1.3% (8.1)
Bioavailable test 207 ng/dl
Estrogen 31
All other bloodwork was good including thyroid, vitamin D, FSH/LH.

My doctor says my total test is way too high to get on TRT but I feel with my symptoms and low free T I need to try out a low dose. Opinions on this ?

I will never again talk to a doctor about my general health. If I break my arm, if I need surgery, I’ll talk to a doctor.

My general health, most doctors don’t know shit, none of them know what the fuck they’re talking about.

They’re also obsessed with lab ranges and don’t even give your symptoms of second thought.

If you took a room full of doctors and asked them to optimize all their patients health, they wouldn’t know the first thing how to accomplish that goal.

The only thing they know how to do is put you on drugs and medicines. That’s all they know.

Total testosterone doesn’t define testosterone deficiency. The unbound free testosterone is the stuff responsible for increase muscle mass, libido, well-being, and energy.

Your free testosterone percentage is low. Your calculated free testosterone is in the 8 ng/dL range. It’s common to see men in these forums complaining of low-T symptoms under 10 ng/dL.

Healthy youthful free testosterone is in the 16-18 ng/dL range.


Some guys with levels like this have gone on testosterone and done well. It is an option.

First, a PCP is not going to treat you. Nor will you likely find help from a Urologist or Endo unless they are very progressive. You will get treatment from a cash pay Men’s TRT/HRT clinic. I like Defy Medical and they do telemedicine. Your FT is pretty damn low. SHBG is going to skew the FT/TT so that TT looks adequate but FT isn’t. TRT is a life long treatment and not a light decision, but you ‘may’ see a good improvement with it. What symptoms do you have?

I don’t agree that TRT is a lifelong treatment, most men can stop at any time and return to baseline. Men are stopping all the time and continuing on with their lives.

If that’s the case they didn’t need it in the first place. Its intent is to be a lifelong treatment as it’s not a cure. I never said you couldn’t stop.

My main symptoms are that I stay fatigued especially days I work. I just have no energy left in the afternoons. I still go to the gym but it’s just a chore at that point. Also my sex drive is the worst it has ever been to the point I just don’t even think about it honestly. It’s depressing as hell.

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Here’s my .02 cents. I’ve just started wk #13 on TRT.
Much the same as you I started with my regular Doctor.
I started out with high hopes that my local Doctors would be able to help.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. I went from my regular Doctor then referred to an endo. Most non-TRT, Non men’s health practitioners don’t actually have the knowledge to treat men’s hormones in the first place. After all the monkeying around I landed at Defy Medical and I was started therapy in short order. I will say this, TRT IS NOT A CURE ALL. But it does help those who genuinely need it.

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Not surprised given your extremely low FT level. I say give it a shot. I’ve been on it for about 5 years, gained about 30 lbs of muscle, lost roughly the same amount of fat, went from no sex drive to sex every day. It’s not a magic pill but if you put in the work it can change your life.

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