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Biotest Supplement Future Plans


I'm hoping the staff at T-Nation/Biotest can answer this.

In the Flameout thread, TC mentioned Biotest will be selling creatine because of customers demand - wishing Biotest to be "one stop" shopping, but didn't want to explain further 'cause he didn't want that to hijack the thread. So my question(s) now is exactly how much is Biotest going to expand the current supplement line? What additions will be available in the future? Some examples:

Creatine (Ribose-C was amazing)
Pure whey
Multi vitamin/mineral
Gamma Oryzanol (just kidding!)

If any additions will be available, what is the timeline? Please shed some light, I'm sure there are lots of other Biotest users wants to know. Thank you!


I thought I heard a mention of a greens supplement a while back. They said they would love to make one that didnt contain a ton of licorice and spiramint I think. That would be nice. I don't really care about the multi-vitamin, I'd much rather get some more "different" products.


I have actually dreamed about Biotest supplements.I love logging on and finding a new article about new supplements.Can't wait to find out more about Andaconda.


TC said something about Biotest producing a more "affordable" protein powder, I'm guessing a blend of whey and casein, just not as fancy as Metabolic Drive.

I for one can't WAIT for the creatine to be out, the stuff I got from GNC is SHIT! I dump a spoon full in with my Surge and about the last two gulps are creatine grit, nasty!

Also there is Anaconda, which sounds like some pretty awesome shit!!

I'd like to see a greens powder(Tim mentioned this I think), just because I can't buy it from a place without getting ripped off big time. $20 for the stuff then $8 to ship it?!?! Fuck right off!

I don't remember where I heard it, but something about doing something really crazy with carbohydrates, and I remember whoever wrote about it says it's something you'd never think of, so that actually has me the most excited!

Aside from that I can't wait to try Flameout, I plan on getting some with my next order as I still have a bunch of the fish oil I have been using.

Biotest...what will they come up with next?!?!?!


Whats Anaconda?


It's something Biotest is making that will be similar to MAG-10.


Even though it wouldn't be a "new" supplement I really wish they would sell a stand alone A7-E.


It was either TC in his Showering Up thread, or Tim in the thread that the BTS was made from. What they said was something like:

We are doing things with exotic carbohydrates that nobody has even dreamed of.

Something like that.

I don't thing the greens supplement will be for a whlie unless they get somebody elses. And the reason they aren't makeing a multi vitamin is because they would have 3 different pills: Morning - Vitamins, Preworkout - antioxidants, evening/night - minerals. They aren't making it yet because of concerns about ease of use or something like that.

There might be a few more things in the BTS, and TC's Showering Up.


I'd be happy with a caffiene-free version of HOT-ROX. I get headaches from caffiene withdrawal rather quickly, plus it kinda cuts into the kick from Spike. That would also leave room for more A7-E! Whaddya say guys?


I doubt it would be similar to MAG-10 in chemical structure or gains, but it would be a very welcomed product. All we have been left with is creatine and test boosters since the ban.


I read it's supposed to "replace MAG-10", so maybe it will be quite strong? I wish they'd give us more info.


What about a cheap, high quality bulk hydro whey? Could sell it for cheap by selling in packages of say, 10lbs. minimum. What do you think guys?!




I haven't tried any of the new stuff but there was an entire thread devoted to some of the products that have come out after the ban (particulary a "Super" one) and the reports were pretty solid on them except for the side effects....


Sounds good, but I wonder if it's feasible. I think in a way, Biotest has spoiled us. We want the highest quality stuff at cheapest price.