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Biotest Low Card MRP

Hello All,

My very 1st post. One of my friend stronlgy suggested that I purchase Low-Carb MRP be grow, which I did. However, Im already using Biotest Surge. When is the best time to use it? Morning? Lunch? Supper? Before bedtime? Thanks!


Well…the best time to use it is …


Look. Its just a source of quality proteins. Try to get as much of your protein from whole food as you can. The times when you can’t get any whole food, or when you need to add some protein to an otherwise low protein meal, use the powder.

Before bed would be a good time as well.

All of these powders and stuff are mainly convenience nutrition. Making it easier on the consumer to get their target protein grams and have convenient meals on hand should he or she not be able to eat the real stuff.

The exception lies in your whey protein powders, which have another use as the right post workout protein.