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Bio Engineering Jobs

I’m going to graduate this May with a degree in biological engineering and don’t have a clue what to do. I can’t find job postings anywhere for my degree, not to mention that most employers don’t know what it is, (it’s quite diverse…I’ve taken enviromental, mechanical, chemical, industrial, and biomedical engineering courses in my last 2 years).

Besides difficulties in finding postings in my actual field I don’t seem to see to many job postings online for recent grads, everyone wants someone with 2-5 years experience minimum, and that number seems to be more like 5-10 years here in Eastern Canada, (where I am from and go to school). I did a search on workopoliscampus.com for “engineer” and found a whopping 5 jobs…

Any ideas on where I should look? Specific companies?


Merck, Pfizer, Ely lilly, P&G, Abbot come to mind. Those are all Rx companies and most have some type of office all over the world. With no experience expect a low entry level position.

This begs the question. What do you want to do? What type of industry? Why did you pick this particular major?

I’m surprised that you are so directionless as a bioengineering major since most programs are very competitive… with that said, most bioengineering majors go to grad school or med school. Some do both (MD/Ph.D)

The school you are graduating from should have a “career services” facility of some type.

You may also want to have a bit of a chat with some of your professors about suggested career options.

Im also really interested in anything people know about this topic. Im graduating in school and plan on goin to college as a bio major then getting a little more specific once I know what career I want to pursue and bioengineering is pretty high on that list. From what I was hearing bio-engineering sounded like it was gonna be pretty hot field in the next 10-15 years

I got into the program with the idea of going on to do a masters in biomedical engineering, however I’m a bit sick of school right now and would like to enter the work force…As far as interests I’m pretty open and enjoy most engineering work.

The career services at my school are garbage; My entire program entered into their third year in the coop program, and this year there are 2 people, (that I know of), still in it.

Well, that sucks.

Are there any field specific symposia or journals?

I’m betting there are!

Anyway, get interested in some specific areas, bone up on the topic, then simply start a conversation with the authors as an interested student.

You can usually find these people by name with their own web pages.

While I’m pretty shitty at networking, you can at least give these folks a “by the way” style question when you thank them for their reponse to your initial enquiry.

If they are too busy to answer, who cares! However, people like their ego stroked, so if you have the ability to interact with them on their topic, you are in.

Damn, reminds me, I was carrying on an email conversation with a NASA scientist at one point about capillary cooling issues in microgravity. Ha! But that’s another story.