Bill/Brock: T levels in women

Hey Bill and/or Brock: I’ve been reading articles about adding T to hormone-replacement therapy for peri/menopausal women even to the point of how much to add, but I wonder: What is considered a “normal” testosterone level for women? If I get my hormones checked for a base level (I’m tiptoeing up on perimenopause), what is the range I ought to accept as OK and aim to keep within as I age?

It’s not something I have memorized, but
even if I did, in laboratory tests of
free testosterone you HAVE to know the
reference normal range of that laboratory
to evaluate a reading taken by that laboratory,
because methods differ.

The normal range of the particular laboratory
that did your test should be reported on the

Free testosterone is what is important, whereas total
testosterone is a product of two things
(free testosterone and SHBG levels) and therefore by itself is not so meaningful.

Generally, women’s levels are about 1/10th
that of men’s, approximately speaking.

OK, thanks Bill.