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Big Woof is a MUST read!


I know I don't post hardly at all here...but like many of you, I lurk a lot..everyday. As Friday comes, I know that at night, when I get back - there is a fresh new edition of T-Mag waiting for me. I usually just do a little Reader Mail... and quickly check out the article line up...because my Fiance is waiting for me. Anyhow, it's Saturday night, and I had some time to catch up on some of the articles...and between Dr. Lowery and Coach Davies' articles...I am left in awe. T-Mag has put out some simply amazing articles...but I feel like this one definitely stood out amongst the crowd! The Big Woof article was like a bitch slap...a wake up call...whatever you want to call it. It states what guys like Davies, Waterbury and many on the Forums like Thunder always say...stop being a pansy...suck it up, lift hard with all you've got. Don't fret the details...just f'ing do it! No whining...no complaining...dont over analyze your plan...just pick one and ride it until it's had its fill. I can definitely feel myself slipping into that pansy ass complacent crap...as time goes on...but I don't think I can now...after this edition and Davies' article - I'm gonna do as he described:

"...I?m going to take control of life today and every day, fearing nothing and charging straight into the storm until they shovel that dust down on top of me."

I know this may sound like meaningless drivel to some...but DAMN - thanks for the kick in the pants! Great edition!


I was thinking the same thing after I read it too. Just another reminder of something we always seem to forget, that is life is what you make of it and what you put into it.


thanks, I'm glad you found it a good wake-up call.

Never forget, greatness lays within each of us - eliminate fear, regret nothing and charge straight at what you want.

In faith,

Coach Davies