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Big Arms, Thin Trunk/Torso


My cousin is an athletic guy, and hits the gym regularly. I haven't really talked to him to much about his lifting routine but he has a strange body structure. He seems to have big arms and a thin neck/chest. Now i'm not talking 20 inch arms because obviously with arms that large your going to be big period, but for how thin his torso appears, his arms seem rather dispraportionate. I was just curious how that happens. Through my own experience as i've gotten bigger i've generally put on size everywhere, where as his appears to go mostly to his arms. Is this a chalked up to genetics or is he probably just one of those guys who curls in the squat rack everyday, as opposed to a more powerlifting based routine like mine.


If I had to guess....That ^


Just ask him what his routine is... In general though, it probably has to do with not doing enough/any exercises that would target the torso area or doing them with a form that allows the arms to take over (i.e. a narrow grip on bench press). Genetically, I'm sure that if his arms are capable of gaining some decent size then the rest of him is too, provided that he chooses appropriate exercises for him.


tbh i do think there is a genetic aspect...i think it happens to guys who have narrow clavicles...


Genetics. I've got a wide torso and arms seem disproportionate. Cure: more curls.


actually, ive got a buddy and i'd say he's pretty on the ball when it comes to training. he trains pretty much exclusively olympic lifts, so full body stuff and his arms have always looked bigger than what they should be at his size. his arms grow really easily and they are pretty short so that adds to why they look large compared to his body. so who knows? why dont you just ask him how he got his arms so big and quit bein jealous?


I'm not jealous, his arms aren't any bigger than mine. I'm more into powerlifting than bodybuilding anyway, so having big arms isn't my concern. Just thought it was strange how he was built.


I've got a buddy (dont most stories seem to start this way? lol) who has really big arms. I dont know how big they are but they are WAY too big for his body. He trains everything but his arms just grow way more than everything else. (actually he has really big calves too but he runs quite a bit)

I'm talking Arms to Chest ration of The Situation... We always make fun of him that he only trains arms. I think its just genetic. His arms and calves respond/grow the best.


Wouldn't bigger arms = bigger bench? =D


dont use that sort of logic around here... Everyone knows that bigger muscles arent necessarily stronger muscles. I mean look at all those pro bodybuilders... they have big muscles but are so weak and un-functional


guys! functional strength! functional.

i have a friend that has 21'' arms and can curl 315x10 but sometimes i have to help him pull a tissue out of the box when he needs to blow his nose.


I think what you mean is having aesthetic arms is not your concern.

If you try to powerlift and dont end up with big arms, I would say theres a problem.


So there is no information about his stats, lifting routine, eating, etc. Hmmz...




Thanks for the correction bro. Indeed aestetic arms certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings but isn't my main goal, big arms however is a must.