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Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

That’s great about baby and wife’s successes! We had a little baby girl 10 months ago, time does fly.

I feel you on the crumbling house, it’s about time to replace our roof. Good luck with the sale.


Doesn’t sound like it. Sounds like @unreal24278 is still locked down.

Edit: Also, take notice of the fact that you’re comparing a max of just over 10 deaths/million per day to around zero. @unreal24278, you should be proud of the fact that the policies you have endured have dropped your country’s deaths by .001%/day at times(usually by half of that staggering figure or less, though).

Where have both you guys been lol? I need my Rippestilkskin fix.

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I don’t think he buys the definition of “herd immunity” on the WHO’s website. Fuck, I wish they’d take it down. It just gives anti-vaxxers more ammo to spout bullshit.

I think he’s saying the amount of people with natural immunity is too low compared to other countries to offer any additional protection in the community against transmission. Cases will probably explode like what’s happening in Singapore once they open up and there’s a probability they will go back to some form of lockdown then. While Singapore will not lock down again despite increasing some rules and rolling back on some because of it’s very heavy reliance on international trade, Australia’s pretty different in this aspect.

Israel’s chart went fucking parabolic when they reopened despite a high vaccination rate but they’re easing back to 1/10 of the peak. Over 10 percent of their population has been infected. I think this is partly because of previous waves in which an estimated 8-10 percent were already infected so they already have a good amount of naturally immune people to add to their vaccination rate.

Of course, while the additional safety measures and rolling out of booster shots are probably playing a significant role, Australia’s rollout has been so lax until 2 months ago the most vulnerable who got vaccinated first probably have had their immunity wane so significantly I’d be calling for booster shots for the immunocompromised at the same time right now if I were them.

It’s a pretty shitty situation to be in for a country whose people have endured so many months of lockdowns and the unvaccinated are going to be pretty fucked by the potential rules I foresee they will enact. Looking at Singapore’s numbers, although the virus does kill mostly the elderly with 1/3 out of them being fully vaccinated, the ratio of people in the ICU is around 1:1 for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. That country already has a full vaccination rate of 83% of it’s entire population.

Australia took the term “circuit breaker” from them lol. I think they’re mostly looking at their numbers for their potential policies.

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I think NSW will actually stay open. The new premier appears keen to adopt a “let it rip” approach past 80% fully vaccinated, which is in stark contrast with other state premier’s. Some of which still seem to think zero cases is feasible long term.

I think Vic will open up and subsequently shut right back down in a month or two after opening up as lockdowns are our first response, as opposed to being a last resort.

Same goes with QLD, WA, and Tas.

However as international travel is controlled by the feds, I assume international borders will remain open once the travel ban has been lifted. In NSW international travel is due to restart before residents can even travel interstate/intrastate, so I’m assuming those who want out will jump ship rather quickly when it becomes apparent much of Australia will be living under permenant restrictions that will likely be considered harsher than virtually the rest of the developed world.


I think soon 80 % fully vaccinated will be 10 % fully vaccinated. Because the new thing will be booster shots. Then a 2nd booster and then something else. People in power do not just let it slip.


You are correct. The lizard people and Bill Gates (who was one at the time) have been planning the whole “booster” thing since 1956 and the fake “polio vaccine”.

Thank God we have Youtube videos and Facebook memes about “natural immunity” otherwise we would be able to unmask this colossal conspiracy.

The generation that got all of these vaccines has raised the millennials…
Yo Boomerang

Lmao, dude you are ridiculous even in your sarcasm. I havent met someone living in some kind of a buble like yours.

Not all homosexuals are Marxists and some (including some I’ve known) couldn’t care less about movements and ideologies or anything deeply intellectual. However, feminism and homosexuality are elements in what we call Cultural Marxism.

Back in the day, Marxism was not attractive to American workers because capitalism worked for them. There was no way men who had lifelong careers with health insurance, good pay, and the ability to have several children and a home with one salary were going to be convinced that they were oppressed, when in fact they were doing well. So thereafter the Marxists/leftists turned their attention to race and sexuality.

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Congratulations! That really is wonderful. 10 months - she’s going to be walking in no time. Or so I hear, haha.

Whew, that’s tough. I imagine in your part of the country heading into winter is a tough time for that. Appreciate it - housing is a whirlwind these days so fingers crossed. Some folks get 10 bids/day and others sit on the thing for months so we’ll see.

@dt79 I think there just have to be less hours in a day these days. Only explanation

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Xultural/ideological marxisim isn’t quite the same as principles enforced by the ACTUAL totalitarian Marxist states back in the day, many of which imprisoned or EXECUTED people over the basis of sexual orientation alone.

One could infer modern era, woke socialist rhetoric may pander towards this base. I’d ask you “why?”

The answer being, they feel outright rejected by hardcore conservatives and a large portion of the religious community. Why would I want to associate with a side that thinks I’m a degenerate, an abomination of an individual over a characteristic trait I harbour that I can’t control.

When I say “I”, I’m not referring to myself as I am not homosexual. I’m putting myself into the shoes of someone else who might be. I have a family member for reference who is homosexual. When I questioned him about religion, whether he followed any religious principles (kosher, going to Synagogue, putting in tefillin etc) laughed and said “what do you think? Religious people hate me, why would I go to Synagogue to associate with a bunch of people who don’t like me? Why should I have to hide who I am for them?”

To which I say, he has a point. If you don’t like a certain group of people or a group of people don’t like you for whatever reason it only makes sense to say “well, I just won’t hang around them”.

I did this with tattoos. I have a few, my family and extended family is by and large modern orthodox so naturally I copped a bit of flack from the more religious sects of my family. You can’t exactly hide them in the summer months here. If they don’t like tattoos, fine… But if they’re going to preach and impose a “holier than thou” sentiment over me then they can get stuffed and I will actively try to avoid engaging in conversation with these people.

You can tell me you don’t like them, that they go against what YOU believe in. But grabbing my arm to express disapproval, giving me stern looks, telling me I’m not a nice Jewish boy anymore etc. There isn’t a chance in hell I’m going to put up with that if I don’t have to.

Homosexuals typically sway left because they feel rejected by the right. However this notion within itself is flawed. As of 2021, a large portion of the right wing spectrum simply doesn’t care about homosexuality. A large portion of the left wing spectrum puts them up on a pedestal, using the demographic as a mascot.

Then you have the fringe minority on both sides who can’t stand homosexuality and for whatever reason find restricting the fundamental rights of homosexuals to be morally acceptable.

I could go into the biblical context by which homosexuality is portrayed, the fundamental difference between state sanctioned and religious marriage and relations but that is not relevant here. I am aware of the arguments, even some of the more thought provoking and nuanced arguments one may use to argue why homosexuals shouldn’t be given a place in society… But I disagree with all of them. Not that I’m not open to discussing it without imposing judgement/my own views unto others.

When we refer to feminism, are we talking about what feminism WAS? Like women’s suffrage, advocating for the right to a quality education, the right to run for office, own property etc. First wave feminism, the type that began in the 1800’s was fantastic. It is a far cry from what I perceive to be the nasty, misandric, sociopathic style of third wave feminism that we see today

I’d also like to argue that then “left” isn’t uniform to pandering towards CRT and wacky gender ideals. You’re looking at the ‘woke’ left we see in the US today. However modern era Russia is also a ‘left wing country’, as is China and North Korea to a degree. There are different spectrums and political factions engrained into the wide paradigm that is "left’ or “right” wing.

Akin to how George W Bush was right wing… So was Hitler. The two have nothing in common.

To state the leftist movement as a whole panders towards using race and sexual orientation as a weapon is a fallacy. In the UNITED STATES, this may frequently be the case. Elsewhere, not always

If only it were still this way. Housing prices in Aus have been consistently rising by over 1000$/wk for the past few years. The average price of a home now is right around 1mil…

When we refer to sociopolitical spectrums and the vast differences from culture to culture we only need to look to Australia for reference. A fiercely autocratic society, even the most staunch of conservative candidates won’t advocate for citizen gun ownership. The mainstream left over here isn’t going to advocate for cancel culture over a joke someone made ten years ago either… That’s more of a US thing. @BrickHead

I simply said what happened here after class-oriented Marxism failed and what became the “New Left”. It’s not a fallacy.

How wide of a sample size within the “left wing” spectrum does this ‘new left’ make up?

I’m not disagreeing with you pertaining to the newfound prevalence and push for ideological Marxism, particularly within youth comprised left wing factions.

However I don’t think it makes up a majority of the left wing spectrum just as I don’t think (most) women are pro third wave feminism even if many men and women may unfortunately be subtly influenced by it.

Point out what third wave feminism actually entails and most will reject the premise.

I think this may be a case of “those who are the most vocal will appear to be the loudest even if they are in the minority”. So you’ve got a small group of people backed by some very wealthy supporters who aggressively push an agenda and stifle any opposing body of conversational thought.

Hijack the conversation with incessant gerrymandering and it might appear as if you hold the persuasively prevalent body of popular thought… But that isn’t the case.

I think of the new left as being akin to the alt right. However the new left appears to have slightly more appeal as they’ve drawn in the youth with 'social justice’s style rhetoric and thus this spectrum of the left wing worries me considerably more


I am speaking of what happened here going back to the 60s.

If referring to the US we are (mostly) in agreement. Though I think the push for socialism/Marxism today is probably stronger now than it was in the 60’s predominantly due to the anti-authoritarian cultural push present at the time that was associated with the Vietnam war.

I also happen to think a large portion of those pushing for socialist/Marxist constructs are hardly aware as to what these concepts actually entail. Particularly kids…

Refer here.

Of course I am not talking about a place like North Korea and what it does simply because it’s Communist.

Wokeism is the current manifestation of the New Left/Cultural Marxism.

Also read on the Frankfurt School, but you likely know about it.

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“The New Left that developed in the years that followed was “a loosely organized, mostly white student movement that advocated for democracy, civil rights, and various types of university reforms, and protested against the Vietnam war”.[32]

Why do they have to keep including race even when describing unrelated shit on wiki lol? FFS of course they were mostly White when Whites were the majority race. It’s like saying the fucking sky is blue.

@Beyond_Beyond Dadaists!


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I was unaware the ‘new left’’ was actually a political movement. I’ll look into them now

I thought we were merely referring to the fringe extreme of left wing political ideology that pushes extremely problematic ideology

My rephrased statement would be. I think of the far left and the alt right as equitable in that they both push very one sided analogies one could refer to as resembling political extremism.

Another striking similarity would be… Both the radical left and the alt right are undoubtedly racist and sexist (one side promoting misogyny, one side promoting misandry). I don’t throw those terms around lightly either.

I didn’t think you were. Rather I was giving an analogy as to why “left” and “right” wing doesn’t always entail the principles people align themselves with when they intertwine their identity with a body of political thought.

I’ve very frequently seen people take on “left wing” or “right wing” as part of their identity. It’s irritating, as they often end up overlooking all the nefarious crap their side was/is involved in. Many of these people advocate for independent thought and critical thinking yet they somehow can’t see the irony in that they become one of the “sheeple” they so despise.

“Left wing” isn’t always representative of some beacon of degeneracy, nor is it necessarily representative of communism, authoritarianism or woke politics. “Right wing” in the vast majority of settings isn’t indicative of religious fanaticism, authoritarianism, fascism, oppression etc.

People pick a side and subsequently demonise the opposing side. I find that irritating as there is no “white knight” in politics. We can only apply blanket statements unto extremist political bodies of thought like fascism, communism and socialism/Marxism to which it is very clear these are not feasible or humane methods by which we ought to be running a society.

I’ve even heard young kids here (left leaning) refer to Donald Trump as a fascist… Don’t get me wrong, I hated Donald Trump. But putting him up there as being on par with Mussolini or Hitler is absolutely ridiculous… Almost as if they don’t really know what true fascism entails.

out of curiosity… How many people were part of this. From what I can find it appears as if the ideological rhetoric preached by the loosely arranged organisation wasn’t set in stone.

However the system of beleifs pushed almost always entailed what we today would refer to as “far left” beliefs.

Which brings me back to what I said earlier about this shit being more common today relative to the 1960’s. A disorganised, radically left wing group with no agenda set in stone vs now… When woke bullshit is obnoxiously omnipresent just about everywhere. It isn’t representative of society as a whole, rather Hollywood/the areas wherein contemporary pop culture comes from typically lean towards the woke spectrum of the left.

Video games, movies, tv series, books, media outlets and more are guilty of this nowdays. I don’t play video games anymore as I think they’re a fat waste of time, but I heard “battlefield 5” (WWII situated game) has censored the phrase “white man”, “Jewish” and “Nazi” within public chats…

Whaaaaaaaaaatttttt! It’s a game where people will presumably be playing as Nazis, resistance fighters etc

Yes, absolutely moronic institution (from my perspective!)… they wanted a socialist uprising… And Germany most certainly had a social revolution

Perhaps not the one these guys wanted though :joy: