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Best Workout for 3 Consecutive Days?

Hi guys,

I recently started graveyard shifts and found that it is too difficult to workout after working a 12 hour shift throughout the night. I do, however, have three days off in a row (and 4 days off in a row every other week). My question is this: What would be the best routine I could design for this type of schedule? Two a days? Total body? Some type of split routine?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’ve worked graveyard for about 3 years now (6pm-6am medical field). I wouldn’t suggest working our three days in a row. When I get home from work at about 615am i throw back a protein and fat shake and immediately go to sleep.

I wake at 230pm ( the same goes for those on a 6am-6pm schedule- just wake up at 230am)and drink a Surge pwo shake while driving to the gym. 2 days on 1 day off either split training or Upper/lower split. If training means enough to you- you’ll go to sleep early and wake up early to make the time. Lemme know if you have more questions.

Well, my schedule is about 9p-9a on the Fridays and Saturdays. I get off at 7am on Thursday and Friday. So I think those would be the best days to workout because I can get up earlier and can hit the gym well rested.

What does your routine look like? I’ve been lifting for about 6 years now. Need something new. I’ve done HSS and a myriad of others.

It depends on what time of year im at. I like to do whole body complexes for fat loss. I like Mark Rippetoe’s 5x5 and Madcow training for stregnth/hypertrophy. I’ve liked Chad Waterbury’s whole body and upper/lowers. I also like Coach Thibs stuff. His methods are damn crazy!

All in all- for us non elite guys I like a good Upper/Lower split with mod volume and high intensity. Although, if you’ve been lifting for six years I would think you’d know how to get past your graveyard shift troubles;) It’s as easy - AND - as hard as going to bed early and waking up early to get your workouts in.

Two a days are a no go IMO since you don’t have much free time to workout in the first place. And even though two a days should be just about the same amount of time as a regular workout- maybe 10-15 minutes longer- you have to drive to the gym TWICE a day and get ready before and shower after TWICE a day. These things alone double if not triple the time needed for two a days.

I also don’t like to workout at the end of shift because in the medical field since I never know when someone will code (heart/respiratory failure etc) so I may be tired at the end of shift.

Do you have a straightforward shift or is every night different? Are you tired or awake after work? Do you feel you go go balls to the wall after a full sift? Also, If you workout and then go straight to sleep, you have to drink your protein shake and go straight to sleep which some people may find hard to do since you’re still probably amped.

Then once you finally get to sleep I’m pretty sure- if you’re like me- a raging hunger would probably hit you 4 hours after you’ve slept due to the fact that you didn’t eat a regular whole meal about 2 hours after training like normal.

All in all- wake up early- eat some fruit, coffee, couple hard boiled egg whites, and get your ass in the gym. Upper/lowers are where I’m at right now. Best bang for the buck I think. Good luck!

Until recently I had my training days three days in a row. To be more precise I trained three times in the space of about 60 hours (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon).

I just did a basic split like this:

Friday evening: Squat & accessory (legs)
Saturday afternoon: Bench, shoulders & triceps
Sunday afternoon: Back & biceps +/- abs

I also often deadlifted on the friday evening and was able to get plenty of catch up sleep in between.


[quote]calebcaleb wrote:

I just did a basic split like this:

Friday evening: Squat & accessory (legs)
Saturday afternoon: Bench, shoulders & triceps
Sunday afternoon: Back & biceps +/- abs



That would work pretty good, the leg stuff should be on the first day so you’re not so sore when going back to work.

Though you could consider a brief workout on the other days, throw in a few sets on the deadlift or some isolation exercises on Wednesday, that would only take 20 minutes or so to do.

Guess it’s been too long since I checked this.

Well, I think I have actually more or less have become accustomed to the graveyard shift. I am able to keep a somewhat normal weekly workout routine and go in a couple of hours after I wake up (which is usually around 3pm).

Thanks for the advice HardHank. I’ll definitely use some of your suggestions.