Best selling product. Your opinion?

What do you guys think is going to be the best selling Biotest product for the year 2002? My true opinion is the new Grow MRP along with Grow bars. Mag 10 is on there too. I wont be investing in Myostat until I see some good solid research and feedback from users. I’m anticipating the new grow bars. It seems that’s all I think about these days because i’m going back to school in May.

Pro-hormones and pro-steroids are always going to be limited since half the population (females) can’t use them. But it seems that women can use Myostatin, so I’ll go with that. I’ll bet MD6 is the best seller though since everyone wants to lose fat and you can feel it working. Everyone likes to feel their supplements working although many work without you feeling anything.

Yes MD6 is a good seller, but it’s not something that people use all the time. Grow MRP or Bars on the other hand, that’s a product you can use everyday for life. As far as Myostat, I doubt everyone will rush into it like they did into Mag 10, there’s still a lot of missing research. I’d love to hear from the Biotest crew on which product was the best seller in 2001.